Certified Free From major allergens? -OR- AllerCheck for your commercial dining location?

Short and informative webinar from MenuTrinfo about two of our most popular Onsite Services, Certified Free From and AllerCheck.

When MenuTrinfo® gets the opportunity speak to clients or potential partners about AllerCheck™ or Certified Free From™, most folks aren’t sure on which route would work best for them at their facility.

  • Is your facility in need of supporting more people with food allergies?
  • Will a dedicated station of allergen-free options address your customer base?
  • How far in are you willing to go to support those with food allergies?

Whether it’s 1, 3, or all nine of the major allergens – this short and informational webinar (it’s only 13 and a half minutes!) will help you answer those questions and why working with MenuTrinfo provides an added value to your client base with food allergies.

Both AllerCheck™ or Certified Free From™ are incredible and affordable options for your facility to continue to deliver confidence in diners daily, allowing you to remain transparent in helping a fraction of the 32 million people nationwide suffering from a food allergy!

About MenuTrinfo®:

MenuTrinfo® is a company dedicated to ensuring safe food service by providing allergen and nutritional information, as well as programs such as Certified Free From™, AllerTrain® and a wide variety of services for colleges, universities, manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods, and more. We excel in employee food allergy training and certification, as well as food safety guidance and menu consulting. MenuTrinfo® has become a trusted partner for food service partners and manufacturers across the United States, and the company’s mission is to protect lives and make dining experiences as safe as possible for those with allergy restrictions.

For more information or to have a team member help you decide which program is right for your facility, contact us!