Here is a little insight to the names and faces you may come across when working with the MenuTrinfo team. Also, a friendly reminder that we are WBE-Certified! We are passionate about our industry and embrace our roles with this company. Looking forward to working with you!


Alyssa Cohn, RDN

Fulfillment Specialist

Hi there, I’m Alyssa! I’m a registered dietitian with interests in both food allergies and nutritional analysis, so MenuTrinfo is the perfect fit for me! I’m ecstatic to be a part of this team of nutritional experts.

I have lived in Fort Collins (CO) for most of my life, but spent time in Kansas for my undergraduate degree. I received my B.S. in Dietetics from Kansas State University in 2020, and have been practicing as an R.D. since January 2021. Outside of my passion for nutrition, I am a huge fan of collecting vintage items (especially midcentury modern pieces) and perusing antique stores for hours. I also enjoy collecting plants, spending time in Colorado’s beautiful natural areas, and reading memoirs and fictional books!


Beth Winthrop MS, RD

Food Allergy Specialist & Certified AllerTrainer

I received my BS in nutrition from Cornell University and completed a combined Master’s degree and Dietetic internship at Tufts University and the Frances Stern Nutrition Center in Boston.

I had a long career as a clinical nutrition manager, regional clinical manager, and dietetic internship director for Sodexo healthcare. For Sodexo Universities, I developed the “My Zone” personal pantry, and Sodexo’s Simple Servings; the allergen-safe resident dining option which won Food Managements’ 2013 Best Wellness Concept and the 2017 AllerTrain Best Food Allergy Innovation for Universities award. I’ve also worked with the Kent University dining team to develop the first completely gluten-free University dining venue at Prentice Hall.


Betsy Craig

CEO & Founder

Betsy Craig is the nation’s leading expert on food allergies, menu labeling and certifying products and facilities as free from food allergens. As CEO and Founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, she and her team are dedicated to helping foodservice operators protect lives and health every day.

MenuTrinfo’s crew is responsible for menu nutritional information effecting over 100K restaurants, allergy training for hundreds of thousands throughout the US and Canada with well over 1,000 colleges and Universities using her ANAB accredited program, and recently providing product transparency to today’s food allergic consumer through ISO 17065 certification of spaces and products.


Claire Peacock

Chief Operating Officer

I have been with MenuTrinfo since 2012 when I was a student at Colorado State University. After graduating with my degree in Biomedical Sciences, I joined the team full-time as a nutritionist, and over the years I’ve grown with the organization and am now the VP of Product Fulfillment.

When I’m not making sure all of our nutrition, training, certification and consulting clients are happy, I’m enjoying the Colorado outdoors with my husband, kid and two dogs. My likes: Hockey (go Avalanche!) Trying out new recipes at home Visiting National Parks Road trips through the Rocky Mountains 90s country music My why: My ultimate goal is helping our clients breathe easier at night, knowing that we have their backs. Regardless of the service we’re providing, it pushes me every day to get them the tools they need to serve their guests more confidently.


Galen Damosso

Manager of Data and Automation

Hi! My name is Galen. Despite being born quite far from here (Wellington, New Zealand – and I’m a dual citizen!), I’ve grown up in Loveland, Colorado since I was a year old.

I’ve been with the MenuTrinfo team for about a month now, and I came here for several reasons – a few of them being the opportunity for mentorship under Rocky Craig, the unique technology and more importantly, to contribute to helping people remain safe while enjoying the foods they love the most. Technology has always had a huge presence in my life – ever since I was 4 years old. In my free time, I love to travel and have been to over 13 countries in my 27 years here. I love rock climbing and enjoying the outdoors, and am a music fan with a growing vinyl collection. I’ve been working at MenuTrinfo since I graduated with a degree in Information Technology from Colorado State University and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to serve you!


James Ross

Fulfillment Specialist

Hey, I’m James! I started at MenuTrinfo® last August, working part-time while I finished my undergraduate program at Colorado State University. Since graduating in May, I’ve come on as a full-time Fulfillment Specialist!

I began college just doing Exercise Science but decided to add a minor in Human Nutrition after taking a nutrition class that was required for my program. That interest grew through the past couple years and culminated with me joining the MenuTrinfo® team. Working here has been great, and I love knowing that the work I’m doing has a positive impact on so many people! In my free time, I try to spend as much of it as possible outdoors. I take full advantage of being based in Colorado and love to hike, camp, and backpack. My hiking goal is to complete Colorado’s four great fourteener traverses. I did the Crestone Traverse last summer and now I’m hooked! I also play competitive ultimate frisbee. I promise it’s a real sport!


Kate Corre

Manager of Training Services

I am originally from Colorado, lived in Texas then Arizona and made my way back home to Colorado. Living in all of these places was wonderful experience for my foodie soul. 

Throughout all of my travels I have had to navigate a severe allergy and an additional food sensitivity. Determining where and what I can safely eat can be a challenge to say the least. At times that has made me feel limited. Food allergies affect people in ways that go far beyond safely eating food. Whether it be learning about their processes to keep me safe or them going above and beyond to make a special dish. The effort to keep me safe and ensure I had a great experience like everyone else is what mattered most.

Empowering businesses and their teams to provide safe and compassionate experiences to those with food allergies and sensitivities has become a passion of mine. I get to help fellow foodies with limitations, like me, experience as much as they possibly can in a safe environment. 


Kelley Magowan, MS, RDN, LDN

Director of Client Relations

Hi! My name is Kelley. I am a Registered Dietitian and have more than a decade of experience in the food service industry and food allergy management.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Western Carolina University and a Master of Science in Nutrition Sciences from East Carolina University. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but now live in Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband and two children.


Laurel Whisker, MPH

VP of Product Development

I joined MenuTrinfo as a Culinary Nutritionist in 2016 after graduating from Colorado State University. Currently, I am the VP of Product Development and Accreditation.

I oversee the accreditation of the company’s certificate programs and certification body and manages various development projects. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition Management, as well as a Masters of Public Health. I enjoy baking, traveling, hiking, and spending time with my husband and two children. My Why: 1. Making a difference in the lives of so many people while using my education, years of restaurant work, and love of food. 2. Supporting a business that supports their employees and a team of people that genuinely care about each other! Professional likes: Making a client happy. It’s a great feeling to deliver exactly what they need AND when they need it.


Lauren Chiarelli

Manager of Nutrition Services

Most call me Lauren, others call me mom or Wonder Woman. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with the leading Nutrition Analysts and Allergen Educators in the country.

I am thrilled to contribute my formal background in nutrition and my passion for allergen awareness. After seeing my family struggle with diabetes and gluten allergies, it’s a personal investment of mine to accurately provide information on ingredients and nutrition.


Mike Flot

Onsite Client Relations Specialist

I received a BS in Microbiology from Colorado State University and jumped in to the food and beverage manufacturing world. I have 30+ years experience in food safety and quality working at food production facilities. I hold a deep passion and work ethic for food safety. In some places Allergen control was paramount in any food production I have worked at. With my deep roots in production, supplier verification and sanitation processes, preventive controls came to life even more and protected consumers around the globe! Joining MenuTrinfo has allowed me to use all my food safety experience and knowledge at an even higher level! And on a personal note, I love the outdoors whether it is hiking for miles in the Rockies or simply taking a nap by a babbling creek!


Rocky Craig

Chief Data Officer & Founder

I’ve been a Coloradoan since the mid 70s. Education revolved around computing technology, as I joined HP in 1978. Life was filled with many projects, travel, and entertainment.

I had always wanted to start a business and in 2010 a “nutritional data management” opportunity presented itself. Betsy and I jumped on that with the easy choice of CEO. Decades of system architecture and programming expertise led me to create our custom applications and infrastructure. This environment amplifies the impact of our subject matter experts. I’ve also always insisted on “The HP Way” (Link Below) as an influence on our corporate culture. Internally we’ve amassed an impressive set of customers, code and data as I’ve served as “the man behind the curtain”. In March 2020, I retired from the original job, Covid be d*mned. In our second decade, I get to be immersed in the increasingly interconnected dataflow across the food service industry. You can’t stop the signal!


Roshan Bhatt

Marketing Manager

What’s up, I’m Roshan! Born in Houston, TX and currently living in Austin, TX. I’m a huge fan of the summer, so the Texas heat works for me. I’ve been with MenuTrinfo for about a year, and love what this team represents and the passion that this whole crew has for their work. I hope to continue to bring the same energy as the Marketing Manager.

My free time is often spent at a yoga studio with my girlfriend, hanging out playing with my chihuahua terrier Penny, enjoying a craft coffee or beer, playing sports (I’m in a rec-softball league and play basketball regularly) and collecting vinyl records (I currently have 350 of them).


Sarah Kent

VP of Risk Management

Hi, I’m Sarah! I graduated from the University of Wyoming with an Accounting Degree in 2000 and have worked in finance ever since. I joined MenuTrinfo in 2017.

The mission of MenuTrinfo is important to me and so many of my family members. I was so excited when I came across this job opening that happened to be at a local company that protected those with food allergies. My husband and I have lived in Colorado for over 20 years and have 3 children. I enjoy cheering my kids on in their sports. My family and I enjoy traveling, the beach, hiking, camping, skiing, and playing with their Bernese Mountain Dog.


Tyler Livingston, RD

Onsite Fulfillment Specialist

Hi, I’m Tyler. I am a Registered Dietitian and food industry professional and I am bringing more than 10 years of food service and food manufacturing experience to the MenuTrinfo team. Working in a number of food safety and quality assurance roles in my career has built a personal passion for food safety and protecting consumers, especially those with food allergies.  I’ve been able to compile a diverse background in the food and nutrition space, and hope to add a well-rounded expertise to the onsite division. Outside of work, I really enjoy cooking and traveling.