How are you going to manage the FDA Menu Labeling Guidelines? MenuTrinfo® has you covered. We will provide a thorough and FDA-compliant response. We’ve been anticipating the need for menu labeling for years – our database contains over 17,000 ingredients and continues to evolve with the industry.

We provide you with information from the main ingredients to the micro-nutrients on your menu in crystal-clear language. Get labeling information for every ingredient and command your kitchen. We also offer services such as verifying kitchens to be gluten-free or free from other allergens, identifying lifestyle regimens (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, keto, clean), retail labeling, ingredient and allergen statements and much more. Knowledge is power – for you and your diners!

MenuTrinfo can help make nutritional sense of your meals. We are able to advise about ways to offer healthier and safer options for your guests and answer questions they may have with confidence.