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    …labels. This means you’ll need to analyze and label all new nutritious menu items — how are you going to accomplish everything you need to do to remain compliant?

    How to Get Started with Nutritional Menu Labeling

    One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is which menu items you will provide information for. If you’re not legally bound to provide information for all of them, you might consider including menu items that are the most popular and those that customers with special restrictions, allergies, or dietetic needs often order.

    You can also choose to call out special menu items that are healthy alternatives to typical dishes, such as vegetarian soups or chilis, dairy-free frozen desserts, or the like. This process can be as simple as labeling something as gluten-free or vegan.

    Consider adding a small symbol to menu items that are healthy choices. Alternatively, you can group healthy menu items together in a distinct section all their own. If you find that some healthy items on your menu have higher-than-expected calorie counts, you can “buffer” the information by also adding information like the addition of superfood ingredients or high protein content.

    Menu Alternatives and Adjustments

    If you’re interested in adding healthy alternatives and menu options to offset a menu that might be health food deficient, contact us at MenuTrinfo! Maybe you just want to talk to someone about ways to offer a more nutritious menu for your guests and don’t know where to begin. We can advise there, too.

    Whatever you are wrestling with about ingredients and transparency, call us. We’re here to help you make nutritional sense of your meals.

    Why You Can’t Afford DIY Nutritional Menu Services

    It might be tempting (especially from a financial standpoint) to try to sort and piece together nutritional menu information on your own. However, most of our customers who come to us after attempting the DIY method are frustrated with tedious and time-consuming tasks that did little to advance their effort.

    It takes an enormous amount of work to properly and accurately analyze menu items and ingredients. For someone without proper training to take on this duty — on top of the tasks of operating a restaurant — it can quickly become exhausting.

    The problem is compounded exponentially if the restaurant does not follow exact recipes on a consistent basis. The chances of miscalculations and mistakes increase significantly, and this can be devastating for the restaurant, depending on the circumstances.

    This is especially true for establishments that are required by law to provide nutritional information. The ramifications of improper labeling can cost a restaurant owner thousands in fines and even more in negative publicity.

    Why Choose MenuTrinfo for Your Nutritional Menu Labeling?

    Making an investment in professional nutrition labeling solutions is the right move; the cost, time, and effort to extract correct nutrition information without the help of nutritionists and scientists can quickly surpass the cost of professional services.

    In addition, you will be responsible for any mistakes, omissions, and miscalculations if you try to do it all yourself. And if you print menus and later notice an error, reprinting them all is not going to be cheap.

    These issues do not even take into account any fines, penalties, or litigation costs that could arise down the road due to improper menu labeling. When everything is considered, outsourcing your nutritional menu labeling solutions makes much more financial sense.

    MenuTrinfo can take all of your recipes, just as they are today, and do all the work from that point. Your in-house secret recipes and ingredients are safe with us because we happily sign a confidentiality agreement. Our fees are drastically more affordable than any DIY method, and the personal attention you’ll receive makes all the difference.

    If you’re worried about errors, don’t be! MenuTrinfo is fully insured, just in case we do have any omissions or make any errors. You don’t have to learn any kind of software programs or how to perform any data entry; we know you and your employees are far too busy for that.

    Our solutions feature custom personalized consulting that will help you comply with federal regulations regarding menu labeling, allergen identification, and more. We offer low-cost monthly maintenance plans and a variety of solutions that will give you priceless peace of mind every day, allowing you to focus on running your restaurant.

    Contact MenuTrinfo Today

    For more than 13 years, restaurant professionals have relied on MenuTrinfo for menu labeling help, nutritional analysis, nutrition facts panels, and allergen identification. We also provide additional services like kitchen audits, food safety training, various certification programs, and more.

    Reach out to MenuTrinfo today and let us help you with all of your restaurant’s labeling needs. We work with single-location establishments, larger chains, and other types of restaurants and have clients all over the globe. Contact us today to learn more!