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  • OnSite Services

    • What does it mean to be “Certified Free-From™” by MenuTrinfo®?

      Upon successful completion of an audit, MenuTrinfo® will certify your facility “free from” Gluten, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, Milk, Sesame and/or Wheat – based on the program you select. As part of the audit, we review all policies and procedures related to allergen management, including procurement, storage, food prep, and more. The “Certified Free From” seal shows third-party validation of allergen-free claims, adding trust and transparency for the food allergic consumer or diner.

    • What are MenuTrinfo®’s recommended testing methods?

      • Immunochemical methods are the most specific and sensitive tests for continuous allergen monitoring
      • Lateral flow devices (LFD)
      ◦ Easy to use, rapid results, and affordable
      ◦ Comprehensive testing of equipment/surfaces, raw ingredients, and finished products
      ◦ Require validation to ensure that the test will be positive in the true presence of the allergen

      • MenuTrinfo® considers LFD testing paired with visual inspection of cleanliness to be a reasonable approach for monitoring allergen residues as part of a valid and verified allergen control program.

    • What test kits does MenuTrinfo® recommend to use to meet testing compliance?

      MenuTrinfo has reviewed an approved dozens of different test kits. There is an option for every allergen-free food provider!

    • What is MenuTrinfo®’s policy on food allergen thresholds?

      The sensitivity levels of the available lateral flow device test kits are continuously changing based on the available technology. The FDA has yet to set a standard threshold for allergens, so MenuTrinfo has determined these values based on available testing methods and research on the levels when a food allergic reaction may occur. All allergens have a threshold of 5 ppm, and gluten has a threshold of 10 ppm.

    • What is MenuTrinfo®’s policy on gluten-free?

      MenuTrinfo requires all clients that are certified gluten-free produce foods that do not contain
      more than 10 ppm.

    • I have a dedicated space and have successfully completed an audit through MenuTrinfo®. How can I display my efforts?

      A certified establishment or space will be provided with the audit report as well as a certificate of audit, which will display the name of the establishment, the area certified, the MenuTrinfo certification seal, and the certified free from logo. The logo will depict the allergens that the facility has been found to be free from. The facility should proudly display their certificate of accomplishment in or near the area that has been certified.

    • Is a MenuTrinfo® audit similar to a health inspection audit?

      Some aspects of the audit itself are similar, however, MenuTrinfo® audits and services are voluntary while health inspections are mandatory. A MenuTrinfo audit is encouraged for any establishment or manufacturer that feels they have gone above and beyond when catering to consumers or guests with allergens, any establishment that seeks verification of their current efforts.

    • Can I receive a MenuTrinfo® seal of audit and certified free from logo if I do not have a dedicated space?

      It is possible, but the nature of a shared space creates a lot more potential for cross-contact. Get in touch with us to see if your shared facility will be able to qualify for certification.

    • What is the cost of a MenuTrinfo® Certified Free From audit?

      Costs are dependent upon services provided. Contact us at for more information.

    • How long does certification last?

      Establishments who wish to maintain their certification status with MenuTrinfo® must be audited and certified on an annual basis.

    • Do you make any exemptions for ingredients containing the 9 major food allergens? (fish oil, soy oil, etc.)

      MenuTrinfo® takes its lead from the FDA:

      The MenuTrinfo® product approval process is consistent with and guided by the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act, 21 U.S.C. §343 et seq. (“FALCPA”).  FALCPA mandates that foods that contain a “major food allergen ” or a protein derived therefrom be appropriately labeled. An exception is made in FALCPA for “any highly refined oil derived from a food specified…and any ingredient derived from such highly refined oil.”   (Section 201 as amended by section 102(b)). Following this guidance, MenuTrinfo will allow ingredients containing highly refined oils derived from allergenic ingredients to be used in CFF production.

    • How can I view the Certified Free From standards?

      Please email us at to request the most current copy of the Certified Free From Scheme and Standards.

  • Training Services

    • How can I get another copy of my class completion certificate PDF?

      Click here to use a form and submit your details. We’ll get back to you within a week.

    • What is the difference between AllerTrain® and AllerTrain® Lite?

      AllerTrain® is considered a manager-level course, while AllerTrain® Lite is for anyone. AllerTrain® provides more in-depth information related to food allergy policy and legislation, while AllerTrain® Lite is an overview of food allergies, food intolerances, and celiac disease.

    • How do I become a Certified AllerTrainer™ (CAT) ?

      For details about our Certified AllerTrainer™ course, information on participant minimum requirements, and registration visit our CAT page.

    • What does ANAB accreditation by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) mean?

      The American National Standards Institute is a non-profit organization that creates voluntary guidelines for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in nearly every sector in the United States. ANAB accreditation assures consistency and integrity; therefore, it provides AllerTrain® certificate holders confidence in knowing that they have received food allergy training that meets rigorous industry best practices and standards.

      For more information about ANAB Accreditation and ANSI visit

    • Which courses are ANAB accredited?

      Currently, AllerTrain®, AllerTrain® U, AllerTrain® Lite, and Food Handler are all ANAB-accredited.

    • Which courses comply with the food allergy training legislation in Montgomery County, Maryland?

      AllerTrain®, AllerTrain® Lite and AllerTrain® U are all approved courses in Montgomery County, Maryland. [REFERENCE]

    • Which courses comply with the food allergy training legislation in the state of Michigan?

      AllerTrain® and AllerTrain® U are both approved courses in the state of Michigan. [REFERENCE

    • Are workbooks required for manager-level courses?

      Workbooks are not required, but they are highly recommended for our live taught, manager-level courses. Workbooks are a great way to enhance the learning experience, keep learners engaged during training, and serve as a reference guide for future needs.

    • Are your courses and materials offered in other languages?

      We currently offer the AllerTrain® and AllerTrain® Lite courses, most course exams, AllerTrain® Lite cards, Allergen Alias cards, and food allergy posters in both English and Spanish. We hope to expand to other languages in the future.

    • Why does my certificate only have a term of validity for three years?

      Each AllerTrain certificate’s term of validity is 3 years. The previous term was 5 years. This change has been in effect as of January 1, 2023.

    • If I take one of your AllerTrain® courses, will that make any of your certifications (CFF, vegan, etc.) any easier, faster or cheaper?

      MenuTrinfo® is the proud owner of several certification schemes, including Certified Free From™ . Taking the Certified AllerTrainer™ course or becoming an AllerTrainer does not have any bearing on the Certified Free From™ audit duration, cost, or outcome. Taking part in this type of consultation will not make the audit cheaper, faster or easier.

  • eLearning on Schoox

    • How do I locate my certificate after completing an online course through schoox?

      1. Login to using the account you created.
      2. In the top left corner of the screen, hover over ‘Me’ until you see ‘My ePortfolio’ appear below it,
      3. Click on the ‘My ePortfolio’ button,
      4. Click on the ‘Accomplishments’ button.
      5. Click on the ‘Course Certifications’ button.
      6. Your certificate will be here, available to download and print.
    • When I try to redeem a coupon code, it tells me “Error: Private Course”. What ‘s going on?

      That error message is a red herring. The real problem is that the usage limit for that coupon has been reached or the coupon has expired. There are no more uses available on that coupon and you’ll have to purchase a new one. Schoox is working on a fix.

    • How do I locate my receipt after purchasing an online course through Schoox?

    • Do I have to complete the entire course in one sitting?

      No. You have the flexibility to log in and out of the online training as needed. You will be able to pick up where you left off each time.

    • Is the online course available to retake once purchased?

      Yes. Once you pay for a course it will be in your “Course Library” indefinitely, so you can re-watch the videos as many times as desired.

    • What If I fail the final exam on an online course?

      You are allowed to take the exam twice. If you fail the exam two times, you will be required to retake the course before attempting to pass the exam again. An 80% is required to pass the AllerTrain® course and 75% to pass the AllerTrain® Lite course.

  • Nutrition Services

    • Is the nutritional information easy to use?

      When you choose MenuTrinfo® to provide your nutritional information, you won’t be spending hours in front of your computer performing tedious data entry. We know your time is valuable, and we’re here to help!

      With the MenuTrinfo® data entry process, you simply provide your recipes and product
      information to our trained team of dietary experts. This is what we love to do and have looked
      through innumerable types of recipes and products.

      • No data entry
      • No excessive meetings
      • No drawn-out phone calls
      • NO HASSLE
    • What other benefits does menu labeling have?

      MenuTrinfo® is the only nutritional analysis service to offer “Reverse Ingredient Look-up.”
      This can be the best resource for customers with food allergies or other special dietary needs.
      Imagine being able to give your customers 100% assurance of which menu items match their
      needs. With MenuTrinfo’s help, diners with special dietary needs will know your restaurant is
      able to accommodate them.

    • How do I stay up-to-date with all of the legislation?

      Nutritional labeling is not only expected by your customers, it’s now required by law for establishments with 20 or more locations. Local laws requiring additional labeling pieces, such as allergens or sodium disclosures, are also on the rise. By working with the MenuTrinfo team you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing we’re on top of the new requirements and will keep you informed and compliant.

    • Are the nutritional labeling services affordable?

      MenuTrinfo’s tactical approach to menu labeling and database nutrition analysis sets us
      way ahead of the competition, and ensures we do it faster, better, smarter…and saves you
      money. From the small ingredient changes or amounts, we can efficiently analyze this and the
      cost is much less than if these small changes were being done through another form of

    • If I use your menu labeling and consulting services, will that make your certifications (CFF, vegan, etc.) any easier, faster, or cheaper?

      MenuTrinfo® is the proud owner of several certification schemes, including Certified Free From™ . Menu Labeling consulting with MenuTrinfo® does not have any bearing on the Certified Free From™ audit duration, cost, or outcome. Taking part in this type of consultation will not make the audit cheaper, faster, or easier.