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Mulay’s Sausage is now Certified Free From™

The crest for Mulay’s Sausage proudly boasts “since 1326”, and the owner of the small-batch meat producer, Loree Mulay Weisman, states that her family crest does in fact date back so far. These days, she also gets her products certified. Mulay’s uses recipes that have stood the test of time: deliciously flavorful, gluten-and-allergen-free delicacies. Their meatballs contain no breadcrumbs or bread products of any kind, just heritage-bred pork, beef, herbs and spices, in a recipe passed down generation by generation.

What started as their family’s contribution to the Fourth of July market in Crested Butte, Colorado in 1990 has spent the last 30+ years watching the demand for their products simply soar. Found everywhere from boutique markets to small, local farm stands to home delivery companies, Mulay’s seems to be constantly hitting their own stride, using meat they insist on paying farmers a living wage for, contains none of the most common allergens, and that is “No Antibiotics Ever. Mulay’s only uses: heritage pork that is handled by small farmers who treat their animals with utmost care.

Mulay’s packaging proudly displays our CFF seal!

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When Mulay’s first partnered with MenuTrinfo it was quickly realized a perfect match. Their products held up to the rigorous audit process and became the first of its kind to be Certified Free From™ the Top 8 Allergens. And with sesame joining in as the 9th most common allergen, their products have already qualified as CFF™ from the Top 9 Allergens, too: also a first in its class maneuver. We can’t wait to see what happens next with this heritage pork sausage maker whose recipes are almost as old as their family crest.