food allergen free state flag at UNC

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the oldest public university in the United States, and is also listed as a Public Ivy. It’s complete with enriching educational opportunities, and a variety of programs for students to explore and enjoy. It’s home to a world-class faculty and, most recently, home to upgraded options for students dealing with food allergen issues, thanks to the AllerTrain program and the UNC-Chapel Hill team’s commitment to providing a safe environment for diners managing their exposure to food allergens.

Being a student with food allergies is difficult: you don’t want to stand out for what you can’t eat or for having a severe allergic reaction on campus. To that end, Certified AllerTrainer™ Carlyn Ray recently trained food service staff and management in Tarheel Country, and was incredibly impressed with their commitment to their food-allergic population. Here are some of her comments:

“The food service employees and managers are proud of their dedicated allergen-free hot food and salad bar. I was impressed as well.”

“I could tell by the level of engagement -many questions- that the food service staff was passionate about serving students with food allergies.”

UNC being the nation's first public school on powder-blue banners food allergen conscious

“I was surprised to receive a lovely speaking engagement gift bag of UNC goodies.”

“Lastly, I was impressed that foodservice IT staff were both present and engaged.”

Carlyn’s expertise helped to fuel a fire about food allergens that was already sparking by the time she arrived. She faced a room full of dedicated staff and management ready to be AllerTrainedTM. UNC-Chapel Hill now has two Certified AllerTrainersTM who will continue training their team on food allergen safety with the AllerTrain® Suite of Courses. We always love seeing universities taking the initiative to keep their students safe and happy without cramping their style.  We look forward to watching our relationship with UNC-Chapel Hill blossom. Go HEELS!