Since 2010, MenuTrinfo® has positioned itself within the food service industry from the base of providing accurate and dependable nutritional information that our clients can share with their customers and regulars. As it stands in current day, nutrition information is more prevalent than ever. There is a consumer focus on cleaner, healthier eating, and a more conscious approach to what types of food are being consumed and about a million questions regarding the nutritional content.

Diners are more privy to trends today than ever before, and that’s where a company like ours
comes in. MenuTrinfo® is the nation’s leading nutritional menu labeling company – and we’d
love to be a part of your team and processes. Our team offers Menu Nutrition Labeling services
and can provide you with the real-time information, consulting, analysis and development.
These nutritional services culminate in an accredited, valued seal that clients can place on
marketing collateral, menus and other signage in their establishments. This seal signifies the
process that the menu goes through for 3rd party verification and accuracy. They trust your
brand and our numbers.

Customer filling out a survey, choosing a smiley face over an indifferent face and a frowning face.
Want to build customer trust? Who doesn’t?!

For years, MenuTrinfo® has a Nutritional Analysis process that includes Discussion, Discovery,
Analysis & Reports and eventually – putting our nutritional information utilizing your recipes,
delivering confidence to your consumers. These labels are given to each item in which the
recipe was analyzed.

This accredited process has gained us the attention, notoriety, and business of some very
established brands across the country, including:

Owner and chef of a restaurant posing in the kitchen, smiling.
Owners, GMs and Chefs should feel encouraged to provide transparency through verified nutritional information at their establishments. Let us help!

The Covid-19 pandemic taught us many things, and it only put a heavier emphasis on consumer
health and safety. As an Owner, GM, Chef or Executive of your establishment, you may have
seen an uptick in interest in the nutritional arena – displaying our verified nutritional label is a
strong, verified way of showing your consumer base that you have their health and safety
concerns in mind.

It’s easy to say your product is gluten-free – anyone can do it! These days, consumers feel safer
and more comfortable when there are standards and accreditation behind their claims.
MenuTrinfo® is proud to be backed by both. Not to mention, these items have gone through an
auditing process that can verify these details. These are the small differences that make a huge
difference in the trust given to establishments. Displaying these MenuTrinfo® seals can further support instilling trust in potential customers as well as maintaining the confidence of your
existing customer base.

Sharing our seal with your diners that MenuTrinfo® (the leading nutritional menu labeling company) is on your team for Verified Nutritional Information. They can be added to menus, marketing collateral and more to increase trust and reliability in your consumer base.

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