Christmas Cake by Dog Tag Bakery, a Certified Nut Free bakery

Fear Nut! Dog Tag Bakery is Certified Nut Free™

Transitioning from life within the military to one in the civilian world can be tough to manage for America’s precious veterans. It can be overwhelming and stressful, to say the least. That’s why Dog Tag Bakery -named for the identification tag worn by all members of the military- opened its doors in 2014 in Washington, DC. The certified free from tree nuts and peanuts bakery, Dog Tag seeks to provide military members and their families with a bridge to reconnection in the civilian world through fellowship, education, and community. Founders Constance Milstein and Father Rick Curry believed that a bakery – a seemingly unlikely place – would provide a welcoming and warm environment for new relationships and opportunities to grow and flourish.

Dog Tag’s program provides a unique opportunity for veterans, military members and military family members to find confidence, resilience, and direction, all while maintaining a bakery that is certified free from peanuts and tree nuts of any kind. The five-month program combines classroom work, work in the bakery, community, and wellbeing components for all of its fellows. Fellows receive a certificate in business administration when they complete the program, and it is structured to provide ample opportunities for their personal wellbeing by committing time to introspection, storytelling, and personal growth throughout the program. This program has 150 alumni and about 30 active fellows annually, and its robust alumni network keeps program graduates informed, involved, and active in the program.

baker at Dog Tag Bakery, a Certified Nut Free facility

When Dog Tag decided to seek its “Certified Free From” certification for peanuts and tree nuts, MenuTrinfo was an obvious choice. The two companies mirror each other in many ways, including dedication to their communities, commitment to their client base, and adherence to the highest standards. Certifying Dog Tag as a Certified Free From bakery for peanuts and tree nuts was a process that was helpful and entirely enjoyable for both parties, and MenuTrinfo is proud to retain Dog Tag as a client. Our values clearly support one another’s and we greatly appreciate the chance to serve our veterans in such a compelling way. Find more information about Dog Tag Bakery and their Fellowship Program at: