The Covid-19 pandemic has shaped our lives in many ways, but perhaps one of the most unexpected outcomes is that food allergies and sensitivities are on the rise. Data from a report conducted by Packaged Facts, a publisher of market research in the food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and demographics sectors, indicates that more Americans are reporting food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances than ever before.

Why the sudden increase? There are a number of reasons this trend is on the rise, but essentially, it comes down to the facts that the pandemic has encouraged us all to take better care of ourselves and accept more responsibility for our health. In light of a particularly overwhelming time for American health and medicine, an expanding sector of the population is taking more responsibility for their own well-being: paying attention to how they’re feeling, giving up behaviors like going to work and school while feeling sick, and determining how different foods make them feel, particularly those that make them feel unwell.

Currently, about 32 million people in America, or 11% of adults and 8% of children, are medically diagnosed with food allergies. The percentages increased significantly, however, according to Packaged Facts’ self-reported study: it showed that 14% of adult respondents were dealing with food allergies, and 17% children, a difference of 3% and 9%, respectively. While self-reporting comes with its own issues in regards to bias and plausibility, there’s no doubt whatsoever that food allergies and intolerances are growing in the United States.

It’s never been as important as it is right now to ensure that high-quality foods built on a foundation of excellent ingredients that do not contain any of the 8 -soon to be 9, with the addition of sesame coming later, on 1/1/23- most common allergens are available in abundant supply. Food allergic consumers deserve as much consideration as any other consumer in being able to select from a wide variety of delicious foodstuffs that are safe for them to eat.

MenuTrinfo is pleased to offer a number of services for the certification of allergen-free foods, gluten-free foods, vegan foods, and more. We also offer training in the preparation, packaging and storing of foods to ensure they are safe for food-allergic consumers, and we pride ourselves in being amongst the first to offer these services across the United States. We’re also the most thorough, well-educated, and expansive. If you’re looking to make your menus, packaged goods or employees better suited for consumers with food allergies, we can help you make it happen. Contact us today for more information. We look forward to working with you!