sign for Bard College, one of the most recent Parkhurst Dining locations to receive AllerTraining

MenuTrinfo® is thrilled to announce that Bard College, through its administration by Parkhurst Dining, is onboard with efficient and accurate food allergen training through our AllerTrain™ training division. Several of the Parkhurst Dining AllerTrainers were part of our very first AllerTrain™ class ever, back in 2013! Our 9-year relationship with Parkhurst Dining has been crucial to the success of MenuTrinfo® and AllerTrain™ over the years, and we’re incredibly grateful to do business with this fine hospitality group again and again, especially in regards to Bard College, one of the newer locations managed by Parkhurst Dining.

While Parkhurst Dining maintains its own AllerTrainers certified through MenuTrinfo®’s AllerTrain™, occasional opportunities for our own trainers to teach the certification class do surface. For instance, MenuTrinfo® CEO Betsy Craig recently hosted an AllerTrain™ class on behalf of Parkhurst Dining for a number of their employees working at Bard College.

another shot of students who AllerTrained in December of 2021 with Betsy Craig for Parkhurst Dining at Bard College

You can see the grins behind the masks as these Bard College employees are now empowered to recognize food allergens. Furthermore, they understand the importance of eliminating cross-contact, food safety regulations, and much more. Bard College has gone the extra mile in having all of their food service staff trained with the:

  • 1st of its kind 
  • food allergy 
  • gluten-free 
  • food sensitivity 
  • ANAB-accredited manager level course known as AllerTrain® U.

Parkhurst Dining sign at Bard College, one of the most recent locations to receive AllerTraining

Additionally, for students who are studying to be registered dietitians, AllerTrain U will give them credits through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. For chefs affiliated with the American Culinary Federation (ACF), AllerTrain U coursework counts as credits in their continuing education program. AllerTrain U offers a number of benefits beyond simply taking the course for an employer, as many of our students have found.

students working hard at AllerTraining at Bard College

Bard College is only one of the newer locations of Parkhurst Dining facilities where we have conducted AllerTrain™ classes. We always look forward to teaching Parkhurst employees as it’s a friendly, engaging, and insightful experience. We eagerly anticipate many more years of AllerTrain™ training for employees of Bard College.