Veganism is more popular than ever

Up to 6% of Americans currently identify as having a vegan diet. It is a growing consumer base that seek dedicated restaurants and products to help meet their needs. You can show your consumers you are doing your part with a Vegan Verified™ seal by MenuTrinfo®.

Don't forget about hidden animal by-products

What about the hidden animal by-products? Did you know that L-cysteine, a common dough conditioner, can come from animals? How about red food dye, are you sure it isn’t animal-sourced? MenuTrinfo® takes the guesswork out of veganism with our new Vegan Verification. When a product is Vegan Verified™ by MenuTrinfo®, we guarantee that no animal products were used at all in the production of that food product. Your customers will appreciate your commitment when they recognize the MenuTrinfo Vegan Verified™ logo on your label.