Any food service organization understands the importance of a consistent plan of action to remain proactive for their patrons. Especially when dealing with food allergies, having a reliable method of safety guidelines keeps the establishment working as a team. It also helps eliminate questions while the guidelines are followed. Although there may be an occasional hiccup due to food substitutions, change of personnel or staff or other unforeseen happenings, guidelines and support can easily bring everything back into the correct order. The more reliable that your team is, the better your chances are of avoiding food catastrophe. While a team leader is critical, every member of the food safety plan plays a role in keeping diners safe.

Where and How Do you Begin?

An article published by Universal Class states, “Every organization that develops policies and procedures needs a review process. Many groups and companies find it efficient to form committees just for this purpose.” Committees are a wonderful idea but not always a realistic one. There is no shame in understanding when to ask for help to get the correct support that is needed for safety. Not all companies or establishments have the capacity to add this into their food safety routine accurately. This is where MenuTrinfo steps in to ease their worries and reduce a lot of that stress for them.

What Makes an Effective Program for Food Allergies?

  1. Employee Review – Having employees be part of the plan offers another perspective of what the rest of the team needs.
  2. Legal Review – Always ensure that your procedures are in accordance with employment standards as well as food safety standards.
  3. Receiving Criticism – Keeping open communication is a must for everyone to stay on the same page.
  4. Addressing Feedback – Offering clear answers will allow everyone to understand why the process is in place.
  5. Follow Up – Checking over the policies and procedures is never a bad idea. Especially since guidelines, standards, etc. can change in a heartbeat.

The nation’s leading experts in food service practice how to manage food allergies with the help of someone else. Having that second set of eyes is always helpful and when your time is limited. The certifications and training that MenuTrinfo offers help keep your safety right on schedule. Let us help you do the very best job that you want to do for your organization, your customers and for your mission.