Each year, millions of Americans are plagued by the thought of holidays simply because of the foods that surround them. The holiday season is known for increased dining out, social meetings and last minute unplanned meals on the go. People with food allergies increase their risk of a reaction while trying to find safe meals. Those in the food service industry should remain dedicated to keeping their kitchens safe for all dining patrons. With each new year, there should be an understanding that the renewing of food safety responsibilities is necessary.

Dining Out

Whether your facility offers dine in, take out or mobile app meal pickup, food safety should always be a part of your daily routine inspections. Food ingredients can change at any time, so there must be consistency with your food safety plan even. This is extra important during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Allow additional time in your business schedule to include safety steps for all areas of food, ingredients, cleaning and educating. Begin the new year with a renewed set of food allergy knowledge and make sure you get recertified to cover all aspects of what is needed.

College Campus Dining

Universities must also stay current with their recertification to ensure students with food allergies remain safe. College campuses, such as Vanderbilt University, strive to provide safe meals while continuing to educate their staff, ensuring fewer mistakes. Especially for the students and staff that remain on campus during the holidays, meal preparation and service has to remain priority. Food safety never takes a vacation. While some students are traveling back home, there is still a portion that consider the campus their home away from home which should also include meals that they feel confident to eat safely.

New Food Service Staff

Busy holiday schedules also mean increased staff members to keep up with the meal demands. Remember that seasonal employees, shift changes, longer hours and new menu options can all impact your food safety plan. One shortcut or one employee who was not trained properly could cause a possible catastrophic event at your establishment. That’s the last thing you want to be known for during a time that should be merry and bright

Get Recertified

The easiest way to stay on top of food allergy safety is to get recertified. This keeps all of your staff on the same page and keeps your food service reputation intact. Whether it’s a given at the beginning of each new year or a different time later on, make a note in your business plans to take on that task starting each new year. Beginning a new year with an agenda of patron safety promotes positive business etiquette within the food service industry. Be a bigger part of the solution – let MenuTrinfo guide you through the entire process.