For those with dietary restrictions navigating dining hall options can be a bit daunting. Schär, a leader in gluten-free products, is here to revolutionize college dining. Let’s explore how Schär, in partnership with MenuTrinfo, can transform your campus Menu.

Certified and Allergen-Friendly:
Schär takes pride in being a top-notch solution for those with dietary restrictions. Certified through MenuTrinfo, a renowned certification program for food allergy and gluten-free products, Schär ensures that their products meet the highest standards. With Schär, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your gluten-free options are not only delicious but also safe for those with major allergens.

Top 8 Free:
Schär goes above and beyond by being free from the top 8 major allergens, making it an inclusive choice for students with various dietary needs. Whether you are catering a student with a gluten sensitivity, or other allergen concerns, Schär has you covered. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a diverse, allergen-free menu.

Shelf Stable for Convenience:
College dining can be hectic, but Schär makes it easier with shelf-stable products. No need to worry about refrigeration or freezing – be ready when the student wants to eat, no thawing or pre-planning the number of allergen friendly products required for that day.

National Distribution for Accessibility:
Worried about availability? Schär products are widely accessible through national distribution channels. For additional information, please email Schär’s Food Service team here.

Sample Schär’s Goodness:
Curious about experiencing Schär’s gluten-free excellence for yourself? Click here to request samples and embark on a culinary adventure that embraces your campus’s dietary needs without compromising on flavor. Schär believes that everyone deserves delicious and safe food options, especially during their college years.

College life is all about exploration, growth, and new experiences for the student. In partnership with Schär and MenuTrinfo you can focus on what really matters.