Portillo’s has been delighting diners since first opening in 1963, when Dick Portillo invested $1,100 into a trailer that he converted into a hot dog stand in Villa Park, IL. He called it “The Dog House” and from there, the restaurant grew in popularity until it only made sense to begin franchising. It’s been said more than once that it isn’t really a trip to Chicago if you didn’t eat at Portillo’s. Portillo’s now has more than 60 restaurants scattered across a handful of states, and a cult following made up of legions of fans.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Portillo’s sought out food allergen and safety training from AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo starting in the spring of 2019. Our ANSI-accredited training course gives foodservice workers at every level an in-depth understanding of food allergens, best practices to avoid cross-contact, the safe handling of foods that contain allergens, and much more. Thanks to AllerTrain, Portillo’s is able to better serve food-allergic customers, as well as food-sensitive and food-intolerant customers.

Food-allergic customers can feel safe in making informed dining choices simply by informing their server that they have certain allergies. Because of AllerTrain, the staff at Portillo’s are highly knowledgeable about what can and cannot be served to customers with allergies, and how they can best deliver world-class service, alongside the world-class Italian beef sandwiches, superior hot dogs and delightful chocolate cake shakes. Have a delicious meal at Portillo’s and rest assured that your food allergies and intolerances will be gladly cared for.