The Difference Baker strives to provide “heaven on Earth, one bite at a time” to people managing food allergies. Its owner, Alyssa, has dealt with food allergies her whole life and works to create concoctions that are decadent, delightful, and Certified Free From™ fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and gluten. Her products are a mainstay in the Ashburn, VA community where the bakery lives.

The Difference Baker started working with MenuTrinfo® ‘s “Certified Free From™” program in 2019. Alyssa and her employees have been wildly successful in creating delectable treats for people who have to manage food allergies. Her kitchen is also a shared space, demonstrating that with the right protocols and work ethic, shared spaces can also be Certified Free From™ spaces, too.

MenuTrinfo® loves working with Alyssa and her company as they create and develop best practices for her goals and certifying her kitchen and products “free from” six of the eight major allergens. We adore supporting bakers and bakeries committed to crafting delicious recipes for people who must manage food allergies to enjoy. We look forward to working together for many years to come.

At the shop, making sure everything is stocked up at this Certified Free From baker