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Going away to college is an exciting time for any student, but for those living with a food allergy it can also be intimidating. Relying on their university’s dining services to keep them safe is a stressful task for any young adult and their family. A student’s first time away from family is scary for many reasons, and the fear and stress of food allergies can make it even harder.

According to recent studies, nearly 10% of college students report having a food allergy. Many of these students are likely eating outside of the comfort of their hometown for the first time. Not having confidence in what they can and can’t eat can take away from a fun college experience.

The way universities handle food allergies is just as important as general food safety. Taking either one lightly could mean serious harm to a student and the standing of the dining program. Colleges and universities who have built a reputation as being able to safely serve food allergic students have strong training programs, as well as third-party validation of policies and procedures.

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