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FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2022 / — As the nation’s leading food service allergy experts, MenuTrinfo® is taking safety, food allergy confidence and hospitality to another level with their AllerCheck™ program. As a standalone program, it can allow food service providers across the United States and Canada to work and collaborate with food service professionals on an entirely new level.

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AllerCheck is a target for us that can help us stand out among other universities and help us keep up with other university allergy programs

Rachel Dolgner, Indiana University

Recently, Indiana University became the newest client for AllerCheck™, with IU Dining’s Registered Dietitian, Rachel Dolgner, citing their need to keep up with the changing climate in food safety among their peers, including other universities.

“AllerCheck is a target for us that can help us stand out among other universities and help us keep up with other university allergy programs,” Dolgner said. “Prior to having AllerCheck in place, some big needs for us were standardizing the execution of allergen-free meals in residential dining and providing consistent safe meals without cross contact risk.”

MenuTrinfo®’s Onsite Division Manager, Shelly Beck, knows that one of the most important aspects is the diner understanding and being confident in the fact that the person serving them has not been in contact with any other station’s food, leaving the risk of cross-contact out on the table.

“Our AllerCheck standards require that staff members at the designated AllerCheck location serve ONLY at that location,” Beck said. “They also require that managers and persons in charge are AllerTrained, which is ANAB-accredited, offering a required trusted training program that instills confidence and consistency.”

While MenuTrinfo® offers services to make your dining facility Certified Free From™ the Top 9 Allergens (Wheat, Soy, Egg, Milk, Fish, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame), AllerCheck™ provides the same facilities with the perfect step along the way. MenuTrinfo has a team of food allergy experts that will assess your policies and procedures for safer allergen service.

Having AllerCheck™ completed at your facility can go a long way in providing your clients and customers with an even higher level of trust and confidence. AllerCheck locations are only granted certificates if they have passed all the points of the assessment, many of which are direct questions to staff and proof of training in real time.

MenuTrinfo’s Branded Seal for AllerCheck Clients

“The benefits [for Indiana University] include giving us 27 checkpoints to shoot for, having service and chef staff take ownership of these values for our food allergic guests,” Dolgner said. “We have positive feedback from students who do not have to plan ahead to get their meal without allergens.”

There’s a lot more that goes into providing this level of confidence besides training. Even something as simple as signage and the AllerCheck™ seal can contribute significantly. Both can help set dining facilities apart from their competitors and colleagues, as it shows a benchmark of the training and extra effort and dedication towards ensuring an allergen aware space for diners. Keeping allergen aware stations separate from the rest of the facility helps too.

AllerCheck™ is going a long way to impact the food allergy community, especially through the marketing towards colleges and universities to implement in their dining programs. These are often places where students choose to eat the majority of their meals while away at college, so knowing the staff of these facilities is trained well can put students at ease.

“We plan on maintaining AllerCheck™ and executing AllerTrain training for all management, so IU is known for their high standards for allergy safety,” Dolgner said. “This can lead to the overall sense of ease and confidence with meals, as students transition from living at home to eating on the college campus.”

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