Restaurant News- February 19, 2019: Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo, AllerTrain, Kitchens with Confidence and Food Handler, Award-winner Betsy Craig is the CEO and founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, AllerTrain™ by MenuTrinfo, Kitchens with Confidence, and Food Handlers. She is the national leading expert on food safety, saving people’s lives, and health through nutrition and training. 

After a massive year in 2018 due to a stem cell transplant, releasing a book and continuing to successfully run a business, Betsy has hit the ground running in 2019 with talks lined up at restaurant shows across the country. Her book, Unstoppable, was released in June just two months after her transplant in Chicago, IL at Northwestern and her talks are focused on a recipe for success in life and business. Betsy strongly believes that business is built on relationships and through her dedication to getting out into the community to speak she is living that belief out loud.

Hear Betsy speak in a city near you:

March 3rd at 9:30am at the NY Restaurant Show in New York City

March 4th at 1:30pm at CHART in Albuquerque

March 22nd at 2:00pm at the F&B Innovation Conference in Vegas

Throughout her 10-year trailblazing career in food safety, Betsy has been interviewed by national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and Food Safety Magazine. She spoke before an FDA/USDA panel in 2017 and has presented at industry-related events, including the National Restaurant Association, multiple International Food Technologist Conferences, the New York, California, and Florida State Restaurant & Foodservice Shows, Pizza Expo, and the FARE College and University Conference. Betsy has been a guest speaker at over 100 shows, expos, educational sessions and brand conferences to date. 

Betsy founded the company — MenuTrinfo, LLC® which is the parent company for the following brands: MenuTrinfo’s Nutrition Help Desk, AllerTrain™, Kitchens with Confidence™, and Food Handlers™ — to provide a complete suite of services that includes menu labeling and nutritional analysis, food allergies and food sensitivities certification and training, kitchen audits for food service, and certification for allergen and gluten free products. 

In addition to being named the Bravo 2013 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, Betsy’s professional and business awards include being named a 2012 and 2013 Fast Casual Top Mover & Shaker, 2015 Northern Colorado Super Women award, and 2015/2016/2018 Mercury Top 100 Northern Colorado business awards. 

Betsy continues to be a strong voice in the food and restaurant industry and is speaking out across the country about taking on life and business with all the hurdles they present. If you haven’t heard her speak, it’s a moving experience and will leave you wanting more!