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Director of Camp and Ally from Kitchens with Confidence

Premiere Summer camp, Camp IHC, is certified as a free from peanuts and tree nuts facility

FORT COLLINS, CO. (November 27, 2018)- June 2018, Camp IHC, a premiere kids summer camp in Equinunk, Pennsylvania, completed an audit with Kitchens with Confidence™ certifying the entire camp free from peanuts and tree nuts. They have also designated a space in their kitchen designed specifically for preparing meals for special diets which is also certified free from gluten. The kitchen audit process is a comprehensive checklist of over 40 areas that are reviewed with over 120 checkpoints. Camp IHC chose 2018 to focus on improving their food services. Through the kitchen audit, the camp has taken a giant leap into becoming one of the safest and healthiest dining halls in the camping industry.

Kitchens with Confidence™ was officially launched in 2017 as a part of MenuTrinfo®’s suite of services. The company has since audited kitchens around America focusing on commercial kitchens in University settings and specialty food establishments. Camp IHC joins a list of prestigious kitchens who have undergone this audit to ensure the safety of their diners including Vanderbilt University, Cornell University, Syracuse University, Mercyhurst University and Carnegie Mellon University to name a few.

Through this process Camp IHC underwent an extensive audit with Kitchens with Confidence™. The audit has been created to review the specific policies, procedures and operations in place in commercial kitchens as they relate to safe preparation of gluten and allergen-free meals. It is broken down into three overarching categories: Facility Policy and Procedures, Front-of-house, and Back-of-house. The checklist aims to measure whether industry-accepted best practices for gluten-free and allergen-free meal preparation and production are being utilized by management and staff on a regular basis. Camp IHC passed with flying colors and can now assure diners and their parents that their kitchens and facilities are safe for those with allergens.

“We at Camp IHC take food safety very seriously. In the past food safety revolved around keeping hot food hot and cold food cold but in today’s society especially with children there is heightened awareness around food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. It is important for us to take a stance and lead the industry by implementing these protocols and standards as we want to ensure that the parents of our campers know their children will be safe while in our care but also have the best summer experience that we can offer” said Milan (Lonnie) Galovic- Director of Operational Support and Innovation for Food Serves

In addition to this audit, Camp IHC has two certified AllerTrainers on staff. These AllerTrainers not only train the entire dining team on allergy awareness in the kitchen, but they also help to oversee production giving an extra pair of eyes. In the kitchen, a specific section has been designated as a self-contained area where meals can be safely prepared for those with other dietary and allergen restrictions. In addition to training and safely preventing cross-contamination, the camp is utilizing purple small wares (utensils and serving equipment) to better identify tools needed for their allergy-free area. Plate covers are then used when transferring food to the dining room and every measure is taken to safely serve each diner.

Diner safety is vital, and Camp IHC has taken every measure necessary to ensure those with special dietary needs are not only offered healthy, nutritious options, but also an extremely safe experience.  Through training, this kitchen certification and monthly product and facility testing, Camp IHC doesn’t take any chances. Parents are assured that through these extensive practices, their children with food allergens are offered healthy, delicious options in a safe environment.

“In closing, when caring for other people’s children we felt the responsibility to not simply call ourselves gluten and nut free but to evidence it with protocols and testing. Proudly we are the only camp in the industry that has a gluten and nut free certified kitchen.” Said Joel Rutkowski- Director and Owner

About Kitchens with Confidence™

Kitchens with Confidence™ (a subsidiary of MenuTrinfo™, LLC) is the leading full-service kitchen auditing service and “certified free from” authority for today’s foodservice operations. Officially launched in 2017, Kitchens with Confidence™ has become the external certification arm for the Top 8 food allergens and gluten. Backed by the ANSI-accredited allergen-training leader in the industry, AllerTrain™, Kitchens with Confidence™ is guaranteed to take your establishments’ allergen expertise to the next level. Kitchens with Confidence™ has certified multiple kitchens across America including Vanderbilt University, Syracuse University, Cornell University, Mercyhurst University, Carnegie Mellon University, College of the Holy Cross and Allie’s Gluten-Free Goodies.  For more information about Kitchens with Confidence™ visit http://kitchenswithconfidence.com.