FORT COLLINS, CO. – Since the birth of Kitchens with Confidence™ (KwC) in 2017, the need for this newest division of MenuTrinfo® has grown tremendously. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing consumers indoors and skyrocketing demand for consumer-packaged goods, the KwC CFF is poised to support consumers during these trying times. CEO Betsy Craig brought on sales professional Kristen Steel in summer 2020 to take this division to the next level, specifically with a focus on CPG.

Kristen Steel comes to MenuTrinfo® with an impressive background in the world of consumer-packaged goods. Her expertise lies in understanding the FDA, USDA, and DSHEA regulations and making recommendations to brands so their products align with both consumer demand and industry expectations. Mrs. Steel is based in the Chicago area and her passion for the industry, strong marketing background and business driven goals make her a triple win for this role.

Working with MenuTrinfo® is exciting for me as it allows me to bring my passion of safe food handling and CPG food purchase together with educating brands and consumers. As a parent to a child with a food intolerance, it is important to me that parents AND children are armed with clear labeling so they can make quick, informed and most important SAFE food choices. I am looking forward to working with potential customers and showing them the value of carrying the KwC seal on their products

Kristen Steel, Business Development for Kitchens with Confidence™

KwC’s “Certified Free From™” audit is a great solution for consumer-packaged goods. Products that aim to be gluten and / or allergen free around the country have worked with KwC to obtain their certification seal through a rigorous audit. Products certified by KwC range from single locations like Senza Gluten Café & Bakery in NYC to large manufacturers like Mulay’s Sausage. The benefits to a certified product are massive as that seal of certification allows consumers to trust the process and ultimately make purchasing decisions best suited for their dietary needs. 

KwC is the first company in the nation to do this work and is leading the way to consumer confidence. There are apps and list servs out there that list products as free from one or more allergens. They have done a commendable job while being remote and taking the word of the QA folks at these manufacturing locations but just like certified gluten free designations, in-person audits matter. These call them “safe” or “assured” but KwC is the only company that sends auditors to the manufacturing location in person to ensure the product(s) is truly safe. The auditors check from loading dock in and out as well as ensure testing is done to verify products are truly free from. This is all done in order to offer consumers with food allergies can have full confidence purchasing products with the KwC seal. KwC is in the process of obtaining national accreditation for its standards and will continue to be the industry leader.

Kristen brings to the MenuTrinfo team experience beyond compare. Her passion and drive to help consumers on every level will be a win for everyone. Our goal is to keep the 32 million consumers suffering with food allergies safe and Kristen is an incredible addition to our team!

Betsy Craig, CEO and Founder of MenuTrinfo®, LLC.

About MenuTrinfo®, LLC

MenuTrinfo® is dedicated to bettering the food-service industry by providing three major services: Certified Nutritionals and food allergy/ gluten-free identification under the MenuTrinfo brand, food safety and allergen/gluten-free training known as AllerTrain, and full-service kitchen audits for facilities and products known as “Certified Free From” by Kitchens with Confidence™.

So, whether you need help with menu labeling, identifying menu items containing allergens or gluten, learning how to serve customers with food allergies or intolerances, or are looking to certify your kitchen free from some of the top allergens or gluten, MenuTrinfo® is here to help! Start at to find information on all our services.  MenuTrinfo®: Protecting lives and health through nutrition and training.

About Kitchens with Confidence™

Kitchens with Confidence™ (a subsidiary of MenuTrinfo®, LLC) is the leading full-service kitchen auditing service and “Certified Free From” authority for today’s foodservice operations. Officially launched in 2017, Kitchens with Confidence™ has become the external certification arm for the Top 8 food allergens and gluten. 

Backed by the ANSI-accredited allergen-training leader in the industry, AllerTrain™, Kitchens with Confidence™ is guaranteed to take your establishments’ allergen expertise to the next level. Kitchens with Confidence™ has certified multiple kitchens and products across America including Vanderbilt University, Syracuse University, Cornell University, Mercyhurst University, Carnegie Mellon University, College of the Holy Cross, Senza Gluten Bakery & Café, and Mompops. For more information about Kitchens with Confidence™ visit

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