by Betsy Craig, CEO of MenuTrinfo

Handling food allergens can be a true life or death situation. However, unless you have been impacted by them directly, it can be difficult to comprehend the severity. To draw a different comparison, think back to the last time you took a commercial flight. Maybe you had some nerves over getting through security in time or who the stranger sitting next to you might be. You probably didn’t question the skill or expertise of the pilot, though. Why is that? You understand that in order to be hired, that pilot needs to prove his or herself as an expert in their field. That includes education, training, and ongoing surveillance.

If you or have a food allergy, you probably don’t trust every claim you see on a package. Anyone can say they make a peanut-free treat, but who is checking if that’s true? For the manufacturer themselves, the amount of liability that goes into allergen claims can be daunting. This can lead to an overabundance of precautionary allergen labeling, without a real cause.

Whether it’s the pilot taking you safely from A to B, or food manufacturers offering a safe allergen-free option, you want the backing of the best experts out there. This is where Certified Free FromTM comes into play. Our team of food allergy experts check every ingredient and formulation for hidden allergen risks. They also look through the facility from top to bottom for other allergen concerns. Ongoing testing, surveillance and recertification audits never leave the manufacturer without a safety net for their claims.

Kick the new year off by trusting the experts and offer the best possible product to food allergic guests. Contact MenuTrinfo today to learn how Certified Free From can help your allergen-free product take flight with our backing and seal of certification.