Every year, internet searches for nutrition help peak in January. The New Year is notorious for the month to start a new diet. Where there is opportunity, there are also those who want to take advantage of the market. Along with plenty of trustworthy sources, like restaurant calculators or expert databases, there is also a slew of misinformation floating around.

One of the easiest, but also most questionable sources of nutrition information can be generic online calculators. These sites publish information straight from their users. This can lead to significant errors and omissions. Online calculators may use wrong products or outdated information, and they often do not validate the data from users.

Another source of potentially bad data is restaurants and other food service establishments that generated their nutritional values themselves. Without third-party analysis, there’s no guarantee of the accuracy of the published numbers. A restaurant that relies on an expert for their analysis oftentimes publishes this on their nutrition information. You can also ask how the data is derived. If the establishment can’t give you a straightforward answer, that’s a big red flag.

If you are one of the millions paying closer attention to nutrition this January, add in a second resolution of relying solely on reliable data. Don’t fall for poor information that can derail your health efforts, and always seek out validated sources.

MenuTrinfo is a third party nutritional analysis company. Our clients include restaurants, grocery stores, manufacturers, and more. If you’re looking for third-party verification of your nutritional information, look no further. For more information, email or call us at 970-295-4370.

Happy New Year and happy eating!