Not Your Average Joe’s, a 23-unit restaurant chain based in Milton, Massachusetts, comes by its name honestly. Their food is truly anything BUT average. Not only have they been serving great food to the northeast since 1994, they have been consistently recognized for their willingness to go above and beyond to serve guests with special dietary needs. It’s easy to find plenty of 5-star reviews from guests with celiac disease or food allergies who know they’re in great hands at Not Your Average Joe’s. 

MenuTrinfo has had the pleasure of working with Not Your Average Joe’s since 2012, to help provide them with nutrition and allergen information. While they had less than 20 locations when we first partnered with them, they understood the importance of having this information available to their guests.  

They recently decided to set the bar even higher and developed a new Not Your Average Fit-For-Youmenu, which highlights items that are gluten-free, vegetarian, keto, paleo and/or vegan. MenuTrinfo was able to work with their stellar culinary team to help create entrees that fit the highest standards for each of those diets, while still guaranteeing a delicious meal for their guests. 

We had a chance to chat with Bryan Yealy, Regional Director of Culinary Operations for Not Your Average Joe’s, to learn more about this new menu. 

What prompted you to create the Fit-For-You menu?

There are so many different approaches to healthy living and wellness, and we embrace them all with our Fit-For-You  menu. From gluten-free and vegetarian to low-cal, high-protein and everywhere in between, you’ll be sure to find that perfect fit for you.

How did you decide which diets to feature?

We wanted to go after the more popular diets, but also make sure they were ones that we could handle confidently and would still match our signature style of scratch-cooking. We’ve always been known for our ability to customize just about any dish for a guest’s preferences, and this menu really highlights that. Even if a guest wants to customize their Paleo burger with a side of fries, they always have the option to make their meal work for their own lifestyle. 

What has the customer feedback been so far?

The feedback has been great so far. Our guests have been very pleased to see an entire separate menu full of items that are Fit-For-You. Some have even been surprised that their favorite entrée they always order fits one or more of the Fit-For-Youcategories.

We’ve also seen the Fit-For-Youmenu inspire guests to keep coming back and trying new offerings. While they might come into the restaurant knowing they want our Chicken Parmesan tonight, seeing the Fit-For-Youmenu on their table might entice them to try something new on their next visit. 

What are some of the new items you’re featuring on the Fit-For-You menu?

A new category for us is our shareable bowls. We have a Chicken & Shrimp Rice Bowl with a soy-ginger-garlic sauce over brown rice, a Vietnamese Salmon Bowl with rice noodles in a lime-infused chili broth, and our Veggie Quinoa Stir Fry Bowl that’s topped with an orange sesame-teriyaki sauce. These are perfect for the new trend of community-style dining, where each guest at the table might want to order different entrees, but they end up sharing them all. Our bowls are all so different that they’re a great dish to pass around the table. 

The new menu also features a Fork & Knife Burger that can be made either keto or paleo, just by changing up the side. It can even be a vegan offering, since we now offer the Impossible Burger. 

With the new menu having launched on May 8th, we’re already seeing that the new items are now among our best sellers. 

What’s next for Not Your Average Joe’s and your Fit-For-You menu?

The Fit-For-Youmenu is always evolving, just like our guests’ health preferences are always evolving. We’ve never been a brand that backs down from serving guests with different dietary needs, and we want to stay leaders in the industry in that way.