Millennials are known for changing the way diners eat to be more conscious of their choices and overall healthier. The food industry has morphed into an atmosphere of create your own and farm to fork with nutritional information readily available to accommodate. Diners today want to not only know all the ingredients of what they are eating but they want transparency from the restaurant/ label. Where the food comes from and how the food was treated prior to ever being sold is important to the modern-day diner.

Millennials are considered those born between around 1979-1995 (according to millennial marketing). This means that the majority of those in this generation already have children or will begin soon. The same demands from the food industry that they place for themselves is rapidly being pulled over to kid’s meals. Transparency, healthy options, and customization are key to winning over this new generation.

Kid’s meals are notorious for offering chicken tenders, spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches, and mac and cheese. While these options are top sellers and appealing to kids, none of these are healthy. Many restaurants are working hard to add healthy entrees with a customizable experience giving parents and children the opportunity to order a nutritious meal.

Some of the best ways to make a kid’s menu that will win over millennial parents are:

  • Healthy sides: while some kids might still go for French fries, offer a side of cut fruit, apple wedges, or carrot sticks for a healthy alternative.
  • Go for grilled: For those looking for chicken tenders, have the option of grilled chicken nuggets and lower calorie/ sodium dipping sauces
  • Less sugary drinks: Not every kid wants a soda or sugary juice. Offer low-fat milk and healthier drink options. 
  • Add a small version of an adult entrée: Millennial parents are eating some sophisticated foods and you can bet they are sharing with their kids at home. Try serving a smaller portion of a healthy adult meal. You might be surprised to see how many kids order your shrimp tacos, mini turkey burgers, or baked salmon!

If you do decide to take the plunge and add healthy items to your kids’ menu, spread the news! Diners love trying new restaurants who make an effort to offer healthy, local, organic, and sustainable options and will bring their kids if they know there’s something for them to eat! Play around with your menu and try offering new things. The sooner you attract the children of millennial’s the longer you have a customer for life!