photo of child grinning at Huddle House, a new nutrition client for MenuTrinfo

With 349 locations across the United States, Huddle House is a mainstay restaurant for its customer base. The perfect choice when it comes to highly satisfying, delicious comfort food, Huddle House prides itself on being the place “for anyone who doesn’t need that next trendy thing, but instead wants a home-cooked meal.”

The customer satisfaction is obvious in the photos posted on their social media. Grinning kids, parents sitting back with contentment and satisfaction, more exuberant kids…it sure looks as if everything at Huddle House is always hunky-dory. And with their ultimate goals centered around the happiness of their customers and delicious, home-cooked meals, it’s easy to understand why.

Huddle House deliciousness shared by a boy and his grandpa at MenuTrinfo's nutrition client

In October of 2021, when Huddle House sought a new partner for their nutrition goals, they knew the perfect place to turn: MenuTrinfo®, LLC. Our decade-plus of nutrition consultation, menu labeling, and nutrition advisory expertise was exactly what Huddle House was looking for. Now, we are completing their nutritional analysis, as well as assisting with ongoing support in regards to regulatory questions, additional analysis, and more.