For those that do not follow Major League Baseball, MenuTrinfo® enjoys seeing the Colorado Rockies, especially as a team building exercise.  So, I, along with a few of our team members and a couple of folks from Aramark’s Safety and Risk Department, were off to Coors Field.

This was especially great, because Aramark just so happens to be the food service provider at the sports venue.

For those that know me personally, I am not allergic to any foods.  However, I do have a few interesting intolerances and stay away from certain foods due to medication interactions and long-term issues I will spare you from.  Bottom line, I still watch what I eat very closely, especially if I want to keep living my best life.  That being said, ballpark cuisine can be a rough go for me. 

First up, I order Mac & Cheese with a BBQ Beef topper for dinner. Betsy challenge #1? The Mac & Cheese has jalapeños in it.  For my whole life, spicy food and I do not get along.  I unfriended spicy food in my early 20s.  Simply put – I’ll be up all night trying to digest it. I felt horrible due to the presence of one of our highest profile clients, and despite having grown a friendship, I am still self-conscious about being “that person.”

Keep in mind – for the last year, this partner client has been rolling out a strong stance in taking the hill regarding food allergies.  Backing up the desire to be a leader in the space to meet needs of those with food allergies need some extra hospitality around food choices and accommodations. 

So, like any customer with food preferences, I asked the folks at this Aramark-run kiosk in the ballpark if I can make a modification due to the jalapeños? Two amazing things happened.  First, they said “Sure” and made no spectacle of it. 

Second, the employee threw out the bowl I had already touched.  This made my food safety heart SING!  That right there was at least a double – and I was rounding second on my way to third base!

For dessert, I wanted to have this sinful and amazing food on a stick with chocolate drizzled all over.  The “food” here was a combination of strawberries & banana or strawberries & brownie bites. I needed another accommodation, as I do not eat strawberries.  I asked if I was able to order the stick without strawberries. 

Normally, I know the drill here – they say no, and I walk away without my sweet treat. But then – the curveball. The employee asks his manager Michael if this is possible. There was no swing and a miss here. Michael assures me it’s possible, and just like that – an upper decker over the right field wall!

(And not to worry, these photos were posted with his permission!)

I was able to walk away with the perfect dessert, which was a real treat that I can safely enjoy.  I felt heard, appreciated, and understood by this food location that accommodated me.  As far as sports entertainment venues go, that is premium hospitality.

About MenuTrinfo®:

MenuTrinfo® is a company dedicated to ensuring safe food service by providing allergen and nutritional information, as well as programs such as Certified Free From™, AllerTrain® and a wide variety of services for colleges, universities, manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods, and more. We excel in employee food allergy training and certification, as well as food safety guidance and menu consulting. MenuTrinfo® has become a trusted partner for food service partners and manufacturers across the United States, and the company’s mission is to protect lives and make dining experiences as safe as possible for those with allergy restrictions.