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BOZEMAN, Mont., Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WayFare, makers of plant-based dairy products, announces its launch of their new yogurts into over 100 Jewel Osco stores in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana. The expansion is in line with the brand’s mission to offer nutritionally superior options to consumers looking to eliminate or reduce dairy consumption.

“This is next-level vegan yogurt!”

Kelly Coffin, Founder of Wayfare

Jewel Osco supermarkets now have WayFare’s 4.8 oz. cups of plain, strawberry and raspberry yogurts on its store shelves that are Certified Free From™ the Top 9 Allergens* and include whole food ingredients, such as butter beans, oats and pumpkin seeds. Compared to similar yogurts on the market, WayFare has significantly more nutritional benefits, such as magnesium (17%), fiber (4 grams), calcium (15%) and protein (5 grams) in each serving. Wayfare yogurts also contain prebiotics and probiotics unlike similar competitors.

“Our family-owned small business is thrilled to be found at Jewel Osco locations, helping us to further our consumer reach and partnering with an outstanding grocer,” said founder Kelly Coffin. “WayFare is committed to offering favorite family staples for those who have adopted a plant-based lifestyle or are looking to reduce their meat and dairy consumption. A great place to start is with our super creamy yogurts that are deliciously amazing. This is next-level vegan yogurt!”

Coffin added WayFare products beat dairy on nutrition, allergens, environment and animal welfare. His family is an excellent example of how switching to a plant-based lifestyle improves health and well-being.

When serious health issues plagued Coffin’s family, he embarked on a journey to create foods that his family could enjoy while significantly improving their health. Oddly enough, he grew up on a dairy farm and became convinced cutting back on dairy was essential to overcoming health conditions.

WayFare is better than most plant-based competitors by offering whole food nutrition, Kosher ingredients and unique manufacturing with zero waste. In addition to yogurts, the WayFare line includes dairy-free products such as cheese, cream cheese, butter, sour cream and pudding. WayFare products match dairy on taste, texture and versatility while certified gluten-free.

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The non-dairy plain, strawberry and raspberry yogurts, with whole ingredients and Certified Free From™ the Top 9 Allergens*, are now in the supermarket’s Illinois, Iowa and Indiana locations.