Kitchens with Confidence audited and certified University at Buffalo’s Simple Kitchen in September 2019 free from five of the top eight allergens.

Restaurant News– Campus Dining and Shops at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York opened Simple Kitchen with the goal of being able to safely serve students with allergens. They passed a rigorous kitchen audit with Kitchens with Confidence™ (KwC) and completed the leading food allergy training program in the country, AllerTrain (AT) a division of MenuTrinfo®, in September 2019. With a newly certified kitchen, free from wheat, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts, newly implemented policies, and food allergy training for their entire team, Campus Dining and Shops tackled this project head on and left no stone unturned.

“Bold and unassuming are the two words I would use to describe Simple Kitchen. This allergy pantry is featured front and center in Goodyear Dining Center and is a tasteful and convenient solution for students at the University at Buffalo campus who live with food allergies. This demonstrates the dedication of the Campus Dining & Shops staff to safely serve all students. At KwC, we love working with Universities that take allergens seriously and work alongside their teams to help develop a plan of action and implement strategies to best service those with allergens. University at Buffalo is making a statement with this kitchen and their students will benefit for years to come.” says Ian Charles, manager of Kitchens with Confidence™

Maria Schiltz, a student at UB, in the kitchen

The team at Campus Dining and Shops wanted to ensure they had sound policies and procedures in place. KwC was the clear choice when selecting an external resource that could offer expert advice when tackling this type of project. Going through a full kitchen audit demonstrates to all who dine at simple kitchen that they stand behind what they are claiming, and the kitchen is truly safe for them to dine in. The certification from KwC gave the University at Buffalo a bigger platform to promote Simple Kitchen to current students, as well as to attract prospective students looking for a college experience that caters to allergens. 

“Kitchens with Confidence made the certification process clear. We knew what was expected prior to the on-site audit. Having the supporting documents and testing kits ahead of time ensures a smooth inspection. The audit itself was very informative. The auditor provided immediate feedback and demonstrated how to use the allergen kits for testing surfaces and food items. Simple Kitchen is the first dedicated gluten-free area on campus that is also Certified Free From™ 5 of the top 8 allergens. Students are thrilled and appreciative to have access to a dedicated area for gluten-free and allergen mindful meals in conjunction with the dining center.” Said Lori Bendersky, RD for Campus Dining Services at SUNY at Buffalo.

With Simple Kitchen, the team at Campus Dining and Shops has implemented a well-crafted plan from ordering to service. They created standardized policies for ordering, receiving, storage, production, and service and even went so far as to create standardized recipes with verified ingredients. Proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures and specific training are also a part of their operation and the entire team working with the kitchen is trained extensively to ensure the integrity of the kitchen is kept.

From loading dock to tabletop, every inch of Simple Kitchen underwent a thorough, top-to-bottom inspection and passed with flying colors. In addition to the policies and procedures in place for Simple Kitchen, the Registered Dietitian on campus is a certified AllerTrainer with AllerTrain, another division of MenuTrinfo®. Their management team has been certified through the AllerTrainU course and their dietitian provides on-going training on allergens, gluten-free dining, and emergency procedures to RA’s, student managers, union, and front-line staff. 

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