We are delighted to announce that MenuTrinfo® and Allergen Free Mexico have signed a partnership agreement to work together to build a sustainable network for comprehensive solutions to food safety and allergen training, nutritional education and regulatory compliance across Mexico and the United States of America. 

The partnership establishes a framework for cooperation and work together to enable Mexico to deliver world class gluten and allergen management in the food industry, understand the patient voice, explore advocacy opportunities and project the impact along the patient and the industry journey. The partnership will also pursue collaborative opportunities that would benefit and leverage the missions of both organizations.

“We cannot overcome the burden of gluten and food allergens alone. Neither the patients’ nor the food and beverage industry’s lived experience and journey are linear. We have so much to learn from the USA and MenuTrinfo provides a one-stop shop for tackling all aspects Allergen Free Mexico is committed to,” says Raquel Picornell, founder of Allergen Free Mexico. “MenuTrinfo is focused on food allergy and gluten free training and awareness within the US food service industry, and since its inception has overcome the complexities of this journey. We are thrilled to partner with them to become the leading certifier in Mexico for the Top 8 food allergens and gluten in products and the full-service auditor for kitchens. 

“It is a very exciting opportunity for us to be able to transcend our expertise internationally to neighboring Mexico, says Betsy Craig, founder and CEO of MenuTrinfo®, LLC, conceived 10 years ago when ANSI accredited food allergy training was non- existent and certification of safe products and location only a distant idea. MenuTrinfo® exists to inform the public what they can eat with confidence here in the US and has been doing so for years. We will finally be able to celebrate global multi-dimensional datasets and develop an efficient approach to working across boundaries, essential to improving rapid response for all with food allergies, no matter what country the reside in.”  

ALLERGEN FREE MEXICO is seeking membership from health and medical organizations such as life science companies, academic institutions and clinical research organizations in order to relieve the burden for patients with food allergies and the need for special diets to respond to their nutrition needs. 

Through the partnership with MenuTrinfo®, Allergen Free Mexico will be offering food and beverage companies certification programs to guarantee their products and/ or establishments are safe.

Chef Fernando Moreno, Director of TASTE Mexico the gastronomic arm of the Tourism Promotion Platform VISIT Mexicotrusts the alliance will elevate Mexico’s gastronomic sector to another level. “It will provide us with MenuTrinfo’s credibility and a very powerful set of tools to catapult the richness of the traditional Mexican Diet, naturally gluten and mostly allergen free, ensuring the world to discover, access and analyze our cuisine in a very healthy and forward-thinking way.”

ALLERGEN FREE MEXICO (AFM) is the peak body in:

1. Gluten & allergen management in food & beverages industry

2. Promotion of holistic nutrition through ancestral superfoods

3. Catapulting Mexico as a pioneer health and wellness destination meeting global gastronomy and diet trends

all based on Mexico’s authentic, naturally allergen-free diet and the basis for its traditional cuisine, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

They do this by: 

  • Providing information and education on the above matters in Mexico,
  • Enabling allergen risk review and solutions by thoroughly investigating the allergen status of food.
  • Implementing strategies to control, reduce or eliminate allergens during manufacture 
  • Actively working with patients’ organizations and building them up to be as effective as possible
  • Advocating internationally with a strong patients’ voice on relevant aspects of healthcare policy, with the aim of influencing international, regional and national health agendas and policies
  • Building cross-sector alliances and working collaboratively with like-minded medical and health professionals, policy makers, academics, researchers and industry representatives 


AllerTrain by MenuTrinfo® was born when CEO, Betsy Craig, saw a growing need for food allergy and gluten free training and awareness within our food service industry. It has developed into a wide variety of training options to suit every member of the industry. The majority of the AllerTrain courses are ANSI accredited and meet state-specific training mandates. From corporations to independent restaurants, AllerTrain has trained thousands across the country. With both an eLearning platform and live training taught by AllerTrainers, AllerTrain is an accessible option for every learner.

Kitchens with Confidence also by MenuTrinfo® Kitchens with Confidence™ (KwC) a division of MenuTrinfo® is the nation’s leading authority on certifying products as “Certified Free From™” one or all of the BIG 8 food allergens. Products that are answering the allergen free consumer demand have worked with KwC to obtain their certification seal through a rigorous in person audit. The benefits to a certified product are massive as that seal of certification allows consumers to trust the process and ultimately make purchasing decisions best suited for their dietary needs. KwC is the only company in the nation to do this work and is leading the way to allergen consumer confidence.