Small-batch sausage producer Mulay’s Sausage is the first of MenuTrinfoⓇ‘s clients to qualify as Certified Free From™ the top 9 allergens, including sesame.
Food allergies affect approximately 85 million Americans, and one in four second-guess their food choices due to an allergy, intolerance, or food sensitivity. Industry leader MenuTrinfooffers the Certified Free From™ program, which is designed to effectively communicate the absence or presence of the top 8 allergens and gluten. The coveted CFF™ seal marks which foods contain certain allergens, and which do not. The “Top 9” seal has already been designed for MenuTrinfo, and some clients are eager to implement it.

On January 1, 2023, the United States will begin enforcing sesame as the 9th priority allergen. Many preparations are being made well in advance of the Jan 1 date, and many food service companies are taking the appropriate steps to craft their products in ways that affect food-allergic customers with sesame allergies. Numerous adults and children in the US are severely affected by their sesame allergies, and the reactions can range from mild, such as hives, to severe, such as anaphylaxis. It is the 9th most common allergen in the United States, and patients who have had allergic reactions to sesame should always carry an epinephrine injection device in case of a severe reaction.

Some food producers have already taken steps to get their products Certified Free From™ the 9th most common allergen. Mulay’s Sausage is a purveyor of sustainable meats that are antibiotic-free and raised by farmers who are paid a living wage for the products raised on their farms. While Mulay’s isn’t the first food service producer to tackle sesame, they are the first to seek MenuTrinfo’s seal designating their products free from the top 8 and sesame, too: effectively, the top 9.

This isn’t a simple matter, gaining the illustrious Top 9 seal from MenuTrinfo. It certainly is simpler in that Mulay’s is already verified to carry the coveted Certified Free From™ Top 8 seal, than for others who will start from scratch. The Certified Free From™ seal is, in fact, so coveted because MenuTrinfo uses such low thresholds to verify the products as “allergen-free”, and companies can select which allergens they want to be certified free from, specifically. Additionally, as a third-party certifier, MenuTrinfo determines the veracity of a company’s claims based on a non-partisan, unbiased perspective. Having been in the business of menu labeling, nutrition consulting, training for recognition of cross-contact and other food allergen problems everywhere from universities to country clubs to restaurants and beyond, MenuTrinfo is a trusted certifier and food allergen company, and has been for 12 years running. A beacon in the murky waters of food allergen safety and certification, MenuTrinfo doesn’t issue certificates or use of their seals lightly.

“We have had the pleasure of certifying Mulay’s Sausage as free from the top 8 allergens for the past three years,” states Claire Peacock, VP of Product Fulfillment at MenuTrinfo. “They have always been dedicated to providing a safe, allergen-free product to their customers and we couldn’t be happier for them to be the first brand carrying our new Top 9 seal. The fact that they achieved this mark so far ahead of the enforcement date for sesame is a testament to their commitment to providing a safe product for all consumers.”

Mulay’s Sausage was delighted to find out they would be the first MenuTrinfoclient to attain the Top 9 Certified Free From™ seal and are already using their new designation while discussing their allergen status with their customers. It’s safe to say that this designation will delight many more Certified Free From™ clients as it continues to debut long before the FDA requirements that go into effect on January 1, 2023.

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