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Free From the Major Nine

MenuTrinfo® recently began working with client Miami University out of Oxford, Ohio. Miami University is yet another school that is taking seriously the growing concerns of food allergens in its dining halls. In order to safely serve their students with food allergies, Miami University sought out MenuTrinfo. Asking to take their program to the next level with Certified Free From (CFF) accreditation and certification. Two dining locations on campus, Clean Plate and True Balance, can now claim that their menu offerings are free from the major nine allergens for their over 16,500 undergraduate and over 2,200 graduate students.

Miami University is just one of many clients to seek the certification provided by MenuTrinfo. The university’s food vendor, Aramark, worked closely with school representatives and MenuTrinfo to complete the CFF audit and earn their CFF certification status. 

Better Serve Their Students

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Alison Cooney (MS, RDN, CSSD, LD) of Miami University, took some time to talk about the school’s new CFF certification and how its implementation would affect the students and their ability to dine safely on campus. “We chose to pursue the Certified Free From™ certification to provide Miami students with complete peace of mind when dining in these specific areas, a decision driven by Aramark’s initiative to enhance the dining experience.” Becoming CFF certified enables Miami University to better serve their students and ensure their safety.

When asked about the certification process and working with MenuTrinfo, Cooney responded, “The certification process was rigorous, as it should be when labeling something ‘certified free from’ the top nine allergens.” MenuTrinfo, Miami University, and Aramark all know that food allergies can be a serious threat to the safety of the consumer, and that is why the training and certification process is as thorough and meticulous as it is. “Aramark worked closely with MenuTrinfo throughout the process, using their standards as a valuable guide,” Cooney added. 

While the official announcement of Miami University’s new CFF status has not yet been released to students, Aramark and university representatives “anticipate an enthusiastic response.” The plan is to officially make the announcement of the new CFF certification on Instagram, as well as “prominently displaying the certification seal and certificate in the designated spaces,” as well as “updating our website to explain the transition from ‘friendly’ to ‘free from’ and the reasons behind this change in terminology, all under the guidance of Aramark’s operations.” Students on campus will know they are safe from potential cross-contact of food allergens while dining at these locations on campus. 

Being Proactive

According to Cooney, Aramark wanted to “take a proactive approach to managing allergens with two designated allergen spaces on campus and a gluten solutions station.” Being proactive meant getting certified with accredited standards, which meant seeking out the services of MenuTrinfo. “The in-person audit with a 3rd party proved invaluable in identifying areas for improvement in our policies and procedures,” Cooney said.

The collaboration between MenuTrinfo and Aramark of Miami University, in the name of student safety, has helped provide all entities involved with important information regarding food and allergy safety. To underscore the value of MenuTrinfo’s allergy training courses paired with their recent certification, Cooney concludes, “Aramark recommends MenuTrinfo’s audit solutions to other institutions. Their expertise and rigorous standards help create a safe and confident dining environment for students with food allergies, aligning with Aramark’s commitment to excellence in dining services.”

Certified Free From remains the only certification of its kind and is considered the gold standard by leaders in the hospitality industry. “I couldn’t be more excited to see Miami University be the first Aramark account to have a dedicated location Certified Free From the major nine allergens,” stated Kelley Magowan, Director of Client Relations for MenuTrinfo. “It continues to demonstrate Aramark’s dedication to allergen-safe service and highlights their ongoing efforts of transparency, safety, and inclusion for those they serve every day.” For more information about MenuTrinfo’s Certified Free From certification for college and university dining locations, please email Info@MenuTrinfo.com.