The Food Handler Course created by the training division of MenuTrinfo® has been approved in San Diego county, California. This course was developed by experts in the food industry as a comprehensive training tool for anyone who handles food and serves the public. 

In September 2019, the MenuTrinfo® team submitted their Food Handler course for approval by the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health. The process required detailed documentation regarding course content, testing, accreditation, security and fraud prevention measures, and a new certificate meeting their standards. Since September 2019, MenuTrinfo® has worked with the department to redevelop their National Food Handler course, which already met the FDA food code requirements, into a course that meets current California Retail Food Code standards (CRFC).

In order to meet the current CRFC standards, the course underwent a few adjustments. Some standard terms were revised (i.e. Time/Temperature control for safety or TCS foods are now referred to as potentially hazardous foods) throughout the San Diego course in order to align with the CRFC. The San Diego Food Handler course also has additional content sections on approved food sources and pest control along with more detailed information on cleaning and sanitizing methods (concentrations, times, temperatures). 

This new course was approved on March 13, 2020 and the San Diego Food Handler course is now available. In San Diego, all food handlers are required to possess either a valid food handler card issued by a county-authorized food handler training school, or a County of San Diego food handler test administered by the current food safety manager who passed a state-approved food safety certification exam. MenuTrinfo®’s new San Diego Food Handler course meets the requirements for all food handlers in the county. 

The San Diego Food Handler course can be accessed on AllerTrain’s website by clicking here. The cost is $12.97 which includes the health department fee. The course is available in English, takes approximately 3 hours and the certificate is valid for 3 years. 

“We celebrate our official engagement as an accepted trainer in the San Diego county food service ecosystem. It was gratifying to learn that our comprehensive National course could be easily customized to meet the standards of the CRFC. We anticipate long-term involvement with the city and county.” said Rocky Craig, Co-Founder and CTO, MenuTrinfo®

MenuTrinfo®’s National Food Handler course is an ANSI-accredited comprehensive training course designed for all food handlers. Both the course and exam teach how to safely handle food using the correct and current food safety protocols. The food handler course is interactive, self-paced and 100% mobile-friendly training. It’s compatible anywhere you can access the internet and doesn’t require any additional materials other than your chosen technology to take the course. 

Food handlers are typically people who work in the food industry in a non-managerial role. They typically have a responsibility to protect the public from foodborne illness, reduce risks of consuming unsafe food in a facility, and cook/prepare/prep/serve food in a public environment. Topics covered in the course include basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, time/temperature for safety, and cleaning & sanitizing. 

By the end of the course, those who passed will have a wealth of knowledge. They will be able to describe how food can make people sick after being contaminated by physical, chemical, or biological hazards. They will also understand the behavior of food handlers and how it directly affects the safety of food and learn the appropriate time and temperature requirements for keeping food safe during specific stages in the flow of meals.

Now more than ever it’s important to keep diners safe. MenuTrinfo®’s National Food Handler course is designed to effectively train food handlers so they practice the best methods in food safety. MenuTrinfo®’s San Diego Food Handler course is a great tool for food handlers in the county to learn all there is to know about safely serving diners, while meeting local requirements.  

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