Colorado-based company adds two new members to OnSite Services team to expand reach for Certified Free From and AllerCheck programs

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2023 – As the nation’s leading food allergy solutions company, MenuTrinfo recently added two new members to their OnSite Services team. Mike Flot (OnSite Relations Specialist) and Tyler Livingston (Senior OnSite Fulfillment Specialist) have joined the MenuTrinfo team to help bring the various certification and assessment programs to the foodservice and manufacturing industries.

Both Livingston and Flot have unique backgrounds in food safety, as well as a bevy of experience that they bring to the company. They are both highly familiar with food production and what it takes to have a successful allergen control program. They understand the importance of third-party audits and what they mean for the operator.

“What I’m hoping to bring into the fold is over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing and safety, as I hold specific levels of expertise that I want to expand here,” Flot said. “I want to apply that knowledge, especially to the Certified Free From and Certified Gluten Free certifications.”

MenuTrinfo has provided the opportunity for Flot and Livingston to apply both personal passion and professional experience. Improving allergen safety in food service and manufacturers is the ultimate goal.

“It’s a very unique and interesting company because it has a reach through different facets of food, nutrition, food service and manufacturing,” Livingston said. “The opportunities we have to expand food and allergen safety made it very attractive due to our impressive list of offerings.”

Flot’s daughter suffers from three severe food allergies, which was a huge influence for him to get into the world of allergen safety. It has motivated him to rack up decades of experience in the field, while caring for the livelihood of someone in his immediate circle. And while Livingston does not have a personal link to food allergies, food safety has been the driving force behind his career, due to the impact it has on people. This falls directly into the mission statement of MenuTrinfo, which aims to protect lives and health of all consumers.

With the two additions to the MenuTrinfo Onsite Services team, CEO and Founder Betsy Craig understands the demands facing her company and knows what it takes to address them through knowledgeable, passionate and informed leaders of the industry.

“Today with more food manufacturers (aka CPG Brands) joining our Certified Free From allergen claims, we must be ready to meet the needs of the industry,” Craig said. “Today we are thrilled to welcome them and watch them propel us forward as the Onsite Division of MenuTrinfo does the same.”

As they set out on their new positions, both team members have goals of growing the reach of Certified Free From, as well as the rest of the OnSite services division. Livingston emphasizes learning the other side of audits and certifications as a point of focus.

MenuTrinfo offers a one-of-a-kind certification process that customers should be taking advantage of,” Livingston said. “Any client that hops on board would have a very unique and accredited certification that would couple with their amazing product, which is a huge deal.”

With a similar experience under his belt, Flot knows that MenuTrinfo is a leader in this space and wants to do what he can to get the messaging out over the next six months. Educating people and manufacturers on what Certified Free From is as an accredited certification, remains his personal focus.

“Our team is full of expertise and very educated in nutrition, allergen and food safety, and was started by people who are very passionate about food safety and nutritional analysis,” Flot said. “We are easy to work with and will make it happen for you, and this CFF program is the icing on the cake. Throughout my career, it’s the type of certification I have been looking for.”

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