Claire Peacock, one of the foundational members of the MenuTrinfo team, was recently named Chief Operating Officer after 10 years with the company.

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2022 / — Claire Peacock, Chief Operating Officer for MenuTrinfo®, has reached the 10-year mark of employment after being one of the company’s first hired employees, dating back to 2012 when she was hired as an intern as she graduated college.

What started as a simple and steady passion for health and wellness has grown over a decade into a leadership role for the country’s leading experts in menu labeling, nutritional labeling, food allergy certification, and analysis.

“I used to think I wanted to go to medical school, but after seeing a career center counselor in college, I realized my passion was in nutrition,” Peacock said. “I found this internship, applied, and happened to be doing my honor’s thesis on Celiac disease. After presenting that to [CEO] Betsy Craig, it was the right fit.”

Working in an industry that deals with food allergies can be harrowing at times, and despite not being personally affected by them, Peacock showed curiosity about this topic early in her professional career. After writing her honor’s thesis in college about Celiac disease, the research became eye-opening for her, namely because at the time, “gluten-free” had not yet become mainstream. She has maintained that the company’s growth is due to both the staff and the clients buying into the idea that they are working at or with MenuTrinfo to help protect and save the lives of consumers.

Claire has a willingness to accept any challenge as personal and professional opportunities for growth. She might not be a founder, but she is absolutely a foundation here at MenuTrinfo®.

Rocky Craig, Chief Data Officer & Founder, MenuTrinfo®

“I have been lucky not to be personally affected by food allergies, but I know how devastating they can be to others,” Peacock said. “The brands we work with are incredible because they want their customers to be safe, and that’s refreshing. We’re working with clients who are doing all the right things.”

While a relatively short amount of time as it relates to a bigger picture, ten years is a big deal for any employee to be with one company – and the growth and longevity of Peacock’s career have been a steadying force for colleagues and coworkers. After all, she was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer in conjunction with her ten years at the company. Rocky Craig, Chief Data Officer and co-founder of MenuTrinfo®, relishes Peacock’s professional and personal journey with the company, citing her long-term loyalty, attention to detail and ability to always see the bigger picture. Similarly, Kate Corre, Manager of Training and eLearning, has looked up to Peacock for mentorship as she has started her own journey and career with the company.

“Claire is diligent, passionate, and compassionate, and has a willingness to accept any challenge as personal and professional opportunities for growth,” Craig said. “She might not be a founder, but she is absolutely a foundation here at MenuTrinfo®.”

“Claire is the perfect person to complete MenuTrinfo®‘s pioneer leadership team, and she has a wealth of industry knowledge that has been a guiding insight to my growth as an individual,” Corre said. “It is inspiring to see a strong and intelligent woman leading our team with a perfect balance of grace and grit serving our clients and their communities.”

MenuTrinfo® owes a lot of its industry success to its employees’ longevity and dedication, spearheaded by Peacock’s efforts. She has been through the ups and downs of a company, which has seen its own share of challenges, such as the struggles from Covid-19. She has been through several seasons with the company, weathered many storms, and even recently saw the birth of her son in May 2022. It’s safe to say she’s grown alongside the company and has taken those personal lessons in stride, while putting that same dedication into her work, which contributed significantly to her success in the industry.

“I’ve always embraced our company’s vision – a lot has changed from where we were ten years ago. But, we’ve stayed true to our mission, and everyone that has worked with us has the same passion and drive,” Peacock said. “I don’t think this industry has a choice but to become more transparent with consumers, and I see MenuTrinfo® leading the charge.”