Quality control workers with digital tablet at production line in cheese processing plant

The FDA recently conducted a study that proves the importance of third-party verification. They looked at dark chocolate products that claimed to be free from dairy. They found that 10% of the samples contained high enough levels of milk to cause a severe reaction for someone who’s allergic. Despite the claims being made on those products, there was not enough oversight being done to safely back them up.

All portions of our business were created to provide third-party guidance on nutrition and food allergies. And we didn’t stop there. We have sought accreditation of our services wherever possible, because we’ve seen first hand how important it is.

Here are some of our favorite reasons for going through all the work of accredidation

These all come straight from the American National Standards Institute National Accreditation Board (ANSI-ANAB), our accreditor of choice:

  • Assures competence and reliability.
  • Signals the desire for a competitive advantage.
  • Encourages marketplace confidence.
  • Positively influences customer satisfaction.
  • Reduces liability insurance and legal costs.
  • Sustains continual improvement.
  • Promotes consistency.

Whether it’s our helping out a client, or having ANSI-ANAB reviewing us for optimal performance, we always find the advantage in accreditation.