Premiere amusement park and resort in New York took home the award for Best Food Allergy Training for Restaurants

The winners from MenuTrinfo’s 2023 Allergy Awards went through a rigorous nomination process that featured stiff competition. This year’s winner for “Best Food Allergy Training for Restaurants” Legoland at New York Resort was selected as a winner.

With LEGOLAND being one of the United States’ most loved theme parks, especially with kids, it was imperative for Quality Assurance Manager David Carreras to have such a boisterous training program that looked out for those with food allergies.

“Being a family amusement resort, we recognized the need to enhance our basic Levy training on allergens and special dietary needs to ensure a safe dining experience for our guests,” Carreras said. “Our guest’s special dietary requests and dining needs are far more involved.”

With the family aspect of resort being a point of emphasis, it’s crucial for all age spectrums, from the youngest to the eldest, to incorporate a program such as AllerTrain® to properly prepare their staff. The AllerTrain® Suite of Courses are ANAB-accredited, and feature many manager-level, gluten-free and food allergy training course designed for those who serve food to patrons.

“Being a family resort, we want to ensure when guests arrive at our property to have a great time and create memories as a family,” Carreras said. “Dietary needs and errors in safe service should not impact their ability to have fun.”

The bright and colorful dining room at Legoland New York (by Levy Restaurants)

With a lot of notoriety that backs up being a globally recognized brand, having a client such as Legoland is important for MenuTrinfo. The fact that they trust MenuTrinfo with their training means a lot to CEO and Founder, Betsy Craig.

“It has always been top priority for MenuTrinfo to deliver confidence by providing the best in class and leading food allergy training in the country, and I am thrilled Legoland choose us to be their provider,” Craig said. “Seeing the impact food allergies has, especially for children is simple to see and making a difference takes commitment – and Legoland is all-in on a full solution based-commitment.”

Carreras is a CAT, or Certified AllerTrainer, which has helped support his operating and training procedures on the premises. (Note: Carreras was named Certified AllerTrainer of the Month in January 2023, an award given to outstanding CATs for their contributions to their team’s food allergy success) They can train in-house, based off their operational needs. It allows them to reduce costs and for training to be readily available for delivery and completion. With the growth of Legoland NY as a resort destination, being a Certified AllerTrainer allows them to train new hires with efficiency.

“We are always receiving positive feedback from our guests that we can attribute to our enhanced allergen program,” Carreras said. “This training of our team is the foundation of this program.”

Through their mission statement, Legoland NY strives to be a disruptor among colleagues in sports and entertainment. They continue to grow and scale themselves as a leader in safe dining for family resorts, with training being an integral part of that success.

“Guests need the confidence that they can dine safely,” Carreras said. “Through our training, we allow our teams to speak with confidence.”

About MenuTrinfo:

MenuTrinfo® is a company dedicated to ensuring safe food service by providing allergen and nutritional information, as well as programs such as Certified Free From™, AllerTrain® and a wide variety of services for colleges, universities, manufacturers of consumer-packaged goods, and more. We excel in employee food allergy training and certification, as well as food safety guidance and menu consulting. MenuTrinfo® has become a trusted partner for food service partners and manufacturers across the United States, and the company’s mission is to protect lives and make dining experiences as safe as possible for those with allergy restrictions.


Photo Credits: LegoLand Official Website
CAT graphic: MenuTrinfo