By Betsy Craig, CEO MenuTrinfo, LLC

My message about protecting health and lives through nutrition is timelier today than when we launched over 10 years ago.

I have been very consistent in my messaging while speaking across the nation over the past few years. Pretty much every time I get to speak on a stage, I cover food safety, food allergies, menu labeling, trends, and CBD in food.  My keynote revolves around how I launched and continue to grow MenuTrinfo. Today we are the leading nutrition and food allergen company in our industry.

Hippocrates stated “let food be thy medicine” and that has always resonated with me. This is truly the core of my personal life’s mission. I’m enjoying watching the world turn toward this mission faster, deeper and stronger than ever before.  

What Diners are Doing Now

There are foods and ingredients that encourage one’s immune system and others that can do just the opposite.  Today those dining or ordering out are doing two main things.  

The first thing diners are going for are comfort foods. We are seeing restaurants that have never offered mac and cheese or meatloaf making it this months’ or weeks’ special.  Restaurants began finding multiple ways to offer that mac and cheese to add variety without changing the core menu. Meatloaf was not a hot item until we all got put in various stages of “time out” due to COVID-19. We wanted what felt familiar when the world felt the exact opposite.  

The second major trend we have begun to see (and are ready to help our clients with) is “Immunosupportive™”.  In order to further support the mission, we have created a seal of approval. You can qualify if the nutrients included in your dish are aimed at helping the diners’ immune systems. 

The world is starting to understand the opening statement.  What we eat directly affects how we feel and how well we can fight off illnesses.  Ask anyone who drinks coffee on a regular basis how they feel around 10AM if they happened to skip it that day. Usually they are not a happy camper and possibly have a caffeine withdrawal headache.  

If you are looking to support the new trend of Immunosupportive menu items and want our assistance/ seal, we’d be happy to help! Contact us at and a member of our team will reach out!