Now open restaurant sign

There’s no denying the massive impact COVID-19 has had on the hospitality industry. Restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, schools, manufacturers and more have had to adapt to a completely new way of business. While we know times are still hard for operators around the globe, we wanted to share a few positives that we’ve seen come out of this crisis. 

1. Foodservice establishments are forming tighter bonds than ever with their consumers.

We have really seen the best in operators come out during these local lockdowns. From setting up employee support funds to offering free or reduced meals to healthcare workers and first responders, there are so many ways business owners and operators are connecting with their guests. Consumers will always remember the establishments that helped out their communities in a time of need. 

2. Food safety and transparency are stepping into the spotlight.

Proper food handling has become a big selling point for restaurants and other retail food establishments. More than ever, guests are wanting to know what is being done to keep them safe, even with COVID-19 not being a foodborne illness. We expect this will continue being a big selling point, even when the pandemic is over. And not just with food safety, but with nutrition and allergens as well. The more a restaurant is willing to disclose about their operations and offerings, the more guests will give them their trust and their business.

3. Customers are exploring new ways to interact with their favorite establishments.

Whether it’s new delivery options, family meals, to-go cocktails, or other new offerings, restaurants and other retail food establishments have really shown their creativity. These could be great continuing sources of revenue, even after dine-in operations open back up. A new way of dining has been introduced, which could be a great way to keep reaching new guests.

While this is no way to discredit the hardship everyone is facing right now, we know how resilient the foodservice industry is. The next few weeks and months will still be hard, but we know we’ll get through it together!