On January 6th, our AllerTrain Clerk Maddie, headed to Texas Tech University and watched Betsy teach an AllerTrain U class. She wrote about her experience and gave some awesome insight here!

I began working as the AllerTrain Clerk for AllerTrain about 6 months ago. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become a Certified AllerTrainer. This makes it so I can teach our AllerTrain classes to food service companies and facilities across the country. I completed the training in December and Betsy invited me to come to Texas Tech with her to observe her teach! 

Taking away more than I thought I would by watching someone so experienced and passionate about food allergies and safety within a dining environment. Being in a university setting like Texas Tech, it was wonderful to see the participants reactions when Betsy touched on a situation that they were involved in or knew someone that was involved. When the topic of anaphylaxis, a life-threatening reaction to an allergen, was brought up, one of the participants was brave enough to share her story of how she witnessed a student in her high school have a reaction. When I heard that, I felt sorry that the woman had to witness someone go through anaphylaxis, but I also felt glad that she was going through the training to possibly prevent a situation like that in the future. 

There were food service workers from every area at Texas Tech in the training; chefs, managers, caterers, and more. Seeing how the class was taught, it was important for me to see how every single person in a food service operation is as important as the other when it comes to serving people with allergies or special diets. Overall it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to teach my first class!