The Summer Certified AllerTrainer Program is fast approaching, only a few short weeks before we have another group of AllerTrain™ instructors. We are constantly amazed by what these AllerTrainers accomplish. Some take the program back to the companies they work for while others have started their own consulting organization. Wherever or whomever they choose to train is up to the AllerTrainer but the common goal is always the same, spreading education and training to keep people with food allergies, Celiac disease and intolerances healthy and safely served.

The Certified AllerTrainer Program offers a platform for those interested and passionate about special dietary needs to teach others. It is a two-day training program where our in-house trainers teach potential AllerTrainers the curriculum of the entire suite of AllerTrain™ classes. Our AllerTrain™ Professionals are also taught skills in public speaking and dynamic presentations by an expert speaker with over 20 years of experience. There is great professional diversity in each training class with experience ranging from the University sector to large company brands along with those beginning a new business. The experience is unmatchable and the stories and personal experiences shared throughout the two-days become a beneficial teaching tool to use while teaching and training on your own.

At the end of two days the new class of Certified AllerTrainers will be able to facilitate their own courses with the support of MenuTrinfo®. If you are interested in attending the Certified AllerTrainer Program or receiving more information please email or call 888.767.6368.