MenuTrinfo has recently partnered with Trabon, a leader in the space of menu management and publishing. Trabon comes with a number of different valuable tools, including the My Meal My Way calculator. This enables guests to build a meal to their exact nutrition and allergen criteria. The calculator has long been on our list of desired services, and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership.

Here are just some of the benefits of adding a nutrition and allergen calculator to your website and mobile platforms:

1. Allow your customers complete customization:

When it comes to someone with special dietary needs, being able to build their own meal can be invaluable. A calculator not only promotes this ability, but is also a great way to ensure accuracy with customization.

2. Take the pressure off your staff:

Nobody likes to be wrong. But when it comes to nutrition and allergens, being wrong could lead to serious harm. Instead of requiring your staff know every allergen for every ingredient, direct your guests to the calculator. The My Meal My Way platform gives full transparency into what’s in each meal.

3. Be menu labeling compliant:

By now, we all know that the FDA requires additional nutrition information as part of menu labeling. However, they’ve really left it up to the industry to determine how to best display this to their guests. While a printed chart works, it can quickly become outdated or lost. Providing a tablet or kiosk with the calculator not only makes you compliant with the menu labeling regulations, but it also ensures your guest always sees the most current information.

4. Keep all nutrition and allergen services in-house:

With our new partnership, your nutritional analysis and nutrition calculator can be one single project. We have developed new reports that feed seamlessly into Trabon’s database, ensuring a smooth process each time. Updates become real-time, and you don’t have to duplicate your efforts with two different companies.

A nutrition and allergen calculator is a win-win for establishments and guests. This technology will soon be expected from information-hungry customers, which makes it a great time to add it to your offerings.