MenuTrinfo has partnered with Trabon to deliver a best-in-class platform for delivering nutrition and food allergen information to the public. Trabon, an expert in menu management and publishing, has created a tool called My Meal, My Way to help consumers navigate their way to a safe meal that meets their dietary needs. With MenuTrinfo’s expert nutrition and allergen services, the partnership is a huge win for the industry.

When you work with MenuTrinfo on your menu analysis, you’re leaving all the heavy lifting to us. The calculator add-on is no different. You can sit back as our team integrates your recipes into Trabon’s software, creating a powerful tool for you and your guests. Here’s how easy it can be to get the calculator up and running:

  1. MenuTrinfo analyzes your menu items for nutritional content and identification of the top 8 allergens (or more).
  2. MenuTrinfo generates custom reports that feed seamlessly into Trabon’s database.
  3. Trabon’s team of IT experts work on uploading the data while we work with your marketing team on branding and layout.
  4. The calculator link goes live on your own website, and through mobile app integration as well.
  5. Through this partnership, MenuTrinfo maintains the integrity of your data by supplying updates to Trabon in real time. You can rest assured your guests are always seeing the most current nutrition and allergen information.

If you would like to get started with this exciting new service, please contact us using the form below.

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