MenuTrinfo offers menu consulting as an additional resource to your nutrition partnership. Answer complicated guest questions with our off-site but on-tap nutrition help desk.

How the Menu Consulting Works

MenuTrinfo has a team of nutrition experts on hand for all menu consulting needs. Their job is to study and review current labeling regulations and answer client and consumer questions.

Step One: Reach out to MenuTrinfo with a question about your menu

Step Two: Our experts dive into your menu to answer fully and honestly

Step Three: We report back to you with our clear findings

What Can Our Menu Consultants Answer?

When you reach out to us, our menu consultants are there for you.

They can thoroughly answer questions about:

  • Nutritional information
  • Food allergens
  • Gluten-free concerns and food intolerances
  • Specific dietary requests
  • Food restrictions due to religions
  • Legal questions

Examples of Questions Our Menu Consultants Field:

Our team of menu consulting experts have answered questions all across the board. From the most intricate and perplexing to simple ones that are frequently posed.

Some examples of guest questions we get are:

  • “Do you use hydrogenated oils in any of your food, specifically in your sweets?”
  • “Which ingredients are free of: high fructose corn syrup, onions, garlic, and powders/ salts made from onion or garlic?”
  • “Are any of your sandwiches, chips or cookies kosher?”

Let us help you answer those complex guest questions. Take advantage of our menu consulting with MenuTrinfo’s nutrition help desk.

Have nutritional, allergen, gluten-free, dietary or general menu questions? We are here to help!

Interested in learning more about our unique Menu Consulting? Call or email us for a quote today: