Start the Gluten-Free Certification Process

90% of the “gluten-free” menus we have reviewed to date were not actually gluten-free. Is yours? Not sure? Let us help! Our gluten-free menu certification allows us to review, analyze, and confirm that every step along the way is truly gluten-free. Once you’re gluten-free certified, you can place our logo on your certified gluten-free menu to give your diners the confidence that you are ensuring their safety.

Gluten-Free Menu Certification

  • Our team of experienced Culinary Nutritionists will analyze your menu to see which items would most likely qualify as being gluten-free.
  • We will source all ingredients and speak with manufacturers about possible cross-contact concerns.
  • Go to the sub-particle level to ensure that there are no hidden sources of gluten, including searching all aliases.
  • Create a Certified Gluten-Free Menu with MenuTrinfo’ s seal of confidence.
  • Share your commitment to your diners by taking their concerns to the experts that have your back when it comes to serving the very best special dietary menu items.

Gluten-Free Training

With our sister company, AllerTrain, learn to properly serve diners with special dietary requirements, including:

  • Food Allergies
  • Celiac Disease
  • Gluten and other food intolerances

Gluten-Free Consulting and Recommendations

  • Review all current food prep and cooking practices
  • Suggest changes and make recommendations of best-in-class practices for your food service location
  • Disclaimers offered to protect both the customer and the restaurant from confusion with the new gluten-free offerings
  • A Certified Gluten-Free seal will be provided to the client to display to their diners for ultimate peace of mind for those dining out gluten-free

Gluten Free Kitchens/Facility Audit with Kitchens with Confidence

  • Take things one step further and audit your facility to analyze current practices for special dietary requests. This includes gluten-free food and food allergens.
  • We teach hands-on gluten protection and provide in-depth recommendations for success.
  • Your kitchen will be audited to check for potential cross-contact concerns with gluten-containing foods.
  • We’ll review your storage and ordering steps for ingredient safety.
  • From flow-of-food to management protocol, each and every step will be reviewed by our experts in the field.

Interested in learning more about getting a certified gluten-free menu? Call or email us for a quote today: