We know you’re getting overrun with COVID-19 emails however MenuTrinfo®, LLC has a few of our own resources to share. We want to be here for you, especially in these tough times. In an effort to quiet some of the noise, we have sifted through hundreds of pieces of information to provide you with the top-shelf solutions.

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Also new (4/10/20) FDA guidance document found HERE

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View “Delivering Confidence” the top 5 tips for food safety delivery amid COVID-19 (webinar sponsored by MenuTrinfo®, LLC):

COVID-19 Food Safety Fact Sheet by MenuTrinfo®, LLC.

Small Business Help Calls with Betsy:

In this crisis our CEO, Betsy, has become a Small Business Development Volunteer, specializing in COVID-19 relief loans, grants and programs. If you want to have a virtual cup of coffee with Betsy to discuss what is out there from the SBA, hear the options explained in plain English, and have a friendly conversation please email Betsy@MenuTrinfo.com to set up a time.

BREAKING NEWS: A Pause on Menu Labeling?

On April 1st, the FDA announced that they would temporarily suspend menu labeling enforcement possibly for the next 60 to 90 days. Citing menu changes and supply chain interruptions due to COVID-19, they are allowing covered establishments to print new menus and not provide calories or additional nutrition information. This pause in enforcement is only for the duration of the outbreak and will return once foodservice operations normalize.

Additional Top Resources

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If there’s anything we can do to further assist you during this pandemic, please feel free to reach out. This resource page is just another way MenuTrinfo®, LLC has your back.